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Vax Attack: How to Beat the Bullies

Vax Attack: How to Beat the Bullies

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Vax Attack: How to Beat the Bullies

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Jan 10, 2016


From the impassioned cries of the anti-vax contingency and celebrity advocates for eliminating vaccine mandates, to informed parents who confidently vaccinate their children and the global healthcare professionals dreading the worldwide impact of reduced vaccination rates, everyone has a dog in the vaccine debate today it seems.

What cannot be debated, however, is that there is much to take into consideration when it comes to making an informed decision regarding vaccination. Not only that, but the significant increase in the number of mandated vaccines means that the decision to vaccinate today is not the same decision as it was 30 years ago.

Regardless of the decisions you make for you and your family, it has never been more important to learn how to respect the decisions made by those on the other side of this debate. Until that happens, the health of our children will serve as little more than a political football in a vaccine debate that is increasingly becoming more about who will “win” than what course of action is most appropriate for the greatest number of kids the world over.

In this concise, no-nonsense, and unflinchingly honest work by respected family advocate Angela Kelly, readers will gain new perspective into the vaccine debate -- a debate that only stands to divide, confuse, and frustrate more parents around the globe in the absence of the intelligent and civil discourse that this work espouses.

Jan 10, 2016

Despre autor

Angela Kelly lvo is Personal Advisor, Curator and Senior Dresser to Her Majesty The Queen (The Queen’s Jewellery, Insignias and Wardrobe), as well as In-house Designer. Angela started working in the Royal Household in 1994 as an Assistant Dresser and shares with you her unique perspective on her working life with Her Majesty The Queen. Angela is also the author of the successful book Dressing The Queen, which celebrated The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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Vax Attack - Angela Kelly

Vax Attacks: How to Beat the Bullies

By Angela Kelly


Published by Sports Entertainment Publishing at Smashwords.

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    The writer's thesis -- that bullying tactics aren't the best way to get people to vaccinate their kids -- is pretty inarguably true, and there probably is a scientifically responsible version of this book, written by a health professional. Unfortunately, this book is not that book. The writer is far too credulous of the claims of anti-vaxxers and doesn't fully understand the science, medicine, statistics, or public health considerations behind vaccines or the CDC recommended vaccination schedule.

    Vaccines do not cause autism. They never did. Andrew Wakefield straight up lied because he had invested in a different measles vaccine (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3136032/).

    The vaccine schedule is designed for maximum protection and effectiveness. Vaccinating on an extended schedule leaves kids vulnerable and means far more medical appointments (https://healthydebate.ca/personal-health-navigator/alternative-vaccine-schedule).

    It's hard to see a child in pain when they get shots, but isn't it worse to see them in pain for days, or dead? All of the diseases that are routinely vaccinated against can have terrible repercussions, including deafness (mumps), blindness (measles), permanent paralysis (polio), brain damage (measles, meningitis), liver damage (hepatitis), need for medical amputation (meningococcal meningitis), birth defects in pregnant women (rubella), permanent scarring (chicken pox), and, of course, death (all of the above and more).

    Protect your children with this miracle of science. And get the damn flu vaccine every year. Tens of thousands of people die of the flu every year in the US and another pandemic is basically inevitable.

    Kathryn Soderholm
    B.A. in Biochemistry and Bioethics, Wellesley College Class of 2010
    M.P.H. in Epidemiology (Infectious Disease) and International Health, Boston University School of Public Health Class of 2012

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