Sam and Cody

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Sam and Cody

Până la Ann Mayburn

Evaluare: 4 din 5 stele4/5 (2 stele)
Lungime: 143 pagini2 ore


 Construction foreman Cody McPherson always considered himself as straight as they come. That is until he finds himself falling for the handsome stonemason, Sam Denham, who constantly occupies his thoughts. Even though he's never been attracted to a man before he wants Sam, badly, and can't get the man out of his mind. Worse yet, he isn't even sure if Sam is gay. When he finds out that Sam signed up with a dating service searching for a guy that looks exactly like him, Cody can no longer resist the forbidden temptation and makes his play.

   Sam can't believe that he's developed a huge crush on his obviously straight co-worker. Even worse, the job that allowed him to see Cody on an almost daily basis has ended and he desperately misses his buddy in a way that goes far beyond just friendship. In an effort to sooth his aching heart and body, he tries to get a blind date with someone that looks like Cody so he can pretend for just one night that he holds Cody in his arms.

   When Cody himself shows up as Sam's blind date he is at once elated and afraid of having his heart broken by just another straight guy looking to sample the gay life. He wants to be so much more than Cody's one night stand and if he's given the chance, Sam will do anything to prove that love doesn't discriminate based on gender.   

-Author’s Note: This book combines the previously published novellas Want/Cherish/Adore into one book that follows Sam and Cody on their journey from their first date to their happily ever after-

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