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A Callinda Beauvais Mystery Series



When Callie tries to bring Pablo Picasso’s dream to fruition, she ends up in the crosshairs of the Alonzo brothers and their unsavory connections.

Callinda Beauvais can almost see Picasso’s dream at her fingertips.  First, she struggled to speak halting Spanish.  Then she needed to find a buyer for the aged Spanish brandy, Sueño España. Wrapped in Picasso’s dream, she finds a haven in a small village in Spain, Algodonales.  Puzzle pieces slide through the Spanish village to bring indigent students the magic of playing flamenco guitar.    But there are people who are willing to kill to stop her.

            If you like a bit of romance woven into your stories, with a touch of intrigue, you´ll want to read this one.  A heartwarming story of family amid the bittersweet emotions that occur with a new baby, a wedding and Cupid flying around indiscriminately.

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