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Prophetic Visions and Dreams - Interpreting Inner Revelations

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You Can Understand Your Visions And Dreams.

You have been seeing visions without realizing it. Your dreams often have clear meanings. But when you try to understand them you get confused. Dream interpretation seems so complicated, and you do not know what all the pictures are supposed to mean.

An Answer To Your Confusion Has Arrived

After years of experience in training prophets, counseling and ministering to people using their dreams and visions, Apostle Les D. Crause has finally put together the most comprehensive teaching on this vital subject to date.

Subjects Covered:

- Prophetic Dreams and Visions
- Visions - How to Interpret and Apply Them
- How and Why We Dream
- Kinds of Natural Dreaming
- Spiritual Dreams
- Basic Principles of Dream Interpretation
- Interpreting Dream Symbols
- Supernatural Dreams
- Demonic Supernatural Dreams

At the end of this book is a full summary of the principles in the book for you to reference anytime in the future.

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