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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Self-care for Busy People

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Self-care for Busy People

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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Self-care for Busy People

79 pages
50 minutes
Jan 30, 2016


The basic message of this e-book is that you can’t support or care for others safely and effectively if you are not caring for yourself. It is remarkably easy to focus all our attention on helping others and lose sight of our own needs. The result can often be that we lose out and so do the people we are trying to help. So, what is involved in self-care? That’s precisely what is explored in this e-book. It lays the foundations for being in a strong position to be helpful to others without sacrificing your own needs and your own well-being.

Dr Sue Thompson is an independent writer with extensive experience in the helping professions.

Jan 30, 2016

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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy - Sue Thompson

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Self-care for busy people

Sue Thompson

First published by Avenue Media Solutions 2012

© Sue Thompson 2012 All rights reserved

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About Avenue Media Solutions

About the author

Free e-workbook




1. Four aspects of well-being


Healthy eating

Sleep, or the lack of







Work-life balance

2. Looking after yourself at work: Strategies and food for thought

Physical aspects

Claim some breathing space

Be kind to your digestive system

Give yourself permission to sleep

Keep your part of the bargain

Be alert to stress

Psychological aspects

Best use of time and energy

Soaking up the pressure

What are you afraid of?

Information management

Being valued for who you are

Social aspects

Working together

Learning from each other

When enough is enough

Being assertive

Spiritual aspects

On the same wavelength

A respectful and compassionate workplace?

3. Looking after yourself at home: Strategies and food for thought

Physical aspects

When exercise seems like another demand

Remind yourself to relax

Taking the heat off

Taking YOUR health seriously

Psychological aspects

Telling yourself you’re great!

You and the bigger picture

Mutual respect

Social aspects

Taking advantage?

Social pressure

Spiritual aspects

The future you

An all-consuming passion?

A sense of wonder

4. Conclusion


Guide to Further Learning



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