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Billy: William Young, #1

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Billy: William Young, #1

Până la Paula Molliere

Lungime: 316 pagini8 ore


A child materializes on a dark highway, and Billy runs his pickup into a boulder while swerving to avoid her.  From that moment on, Billy's life is no longer his own.  From the high school bully who teaches him to take the path of least resistance to the wife who chooses that path for him, Billy follows where he is led.  He thinks he makes choices, but choices are made for him by sinister forces who hold him in reserve should they ever need him.  Twelve years later, that need arises, and he's compelled back home to serve as bait in a lethal game of hide-and-seek where children do the hiding and madmen do the seeking.  With the help of two eleven-year-old children and a devoted dog, Billy breaks free from his past, and when he finally becomes his own person, the madmen begin to die.

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