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03: Yes, I can sell very well

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03: Yes, I can sell very well

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03 - All types of organizations, civil, military, religious, sports, etc. exists to sell something and, if they do it to the extent appropriate, it will remain on the market ... all members of an organization, from its creator to the humblest contributor, have as main mission to "sell" the "products" of the organization... I assure you it is very likely that you have never received a single class about sales unless it is professional seller. This document will allow you to "step into the shoes" of the seller and discover the secrets of success that some obtained. At some point in our lives we have found, or are we going to do, facing a potential buyer of our "product", which can be physical or digital article, a project, a dream, an idea that is with us forever. ..and, then, it is when we think why not me never interested in the subject. In this book I have tried to bring together the most important of the thousands of documents circulating in Internet about Sales and my personal experience as a buyer and as a seller. I'm sure it will help you in both roles.

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