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SPF Zero: Chemical Sunscreen Exposed

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SPF Zero: Chemical Sunscreen Exposed

Până la Dr. Don

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Designed as sunburn prevention, chemical sunscreen has become an overused, everyday product. The problem is sunscreen chemicals are endocrine disruptors, mutagens, and carcinogens, they block vitamin D production, kill coral reefs, and transform male fish to female.
A study of the 500 most popular chemical sunscreen products found that nearly half may actually cause skin cancer, and nearly allâ 461 out of 500â chemical sunscreen products were actually unsafe to use. None of the chemical sunscreen products prevent skin cancer. In short, the overuse of chemical sunscreen is pandemic and is contributing to many deficiency diseases affecting large populations across many countries.
Today the chemical sunscreen industry easily pulls in $5 billion a year. Chemical sunscreen, SPF (Sunburn Prevention Factor), is found in suntan lotion, lip balm, lipstick, facial creams, body lotion, shampoos, and yes, even night creams. To turn an occasional-use product into a daily-use product, cosmeceutical companies fabricated a state of fear known as Sun Scare.
You don't have to avoid the sun or sunbeds, just avoid sunburn. SPF Zero proves nature got it right; you need sunshine like you need food, air, and water.
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