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Dental Implants Made Simple

Dental Implants Made Simple

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Dental Implants Made Simple

58 pages
45 minutes
Apr 26, 2016


Dental implants are an amazing innovation of dentistry.

This book, written by an expert dentist gives you the basics in simple, easy to read and understand language.

Forget the research and reading lengthy books. If you are looking for a fast and cheap way to get the answers you need, it's all in here and MADE SIMPLE.

In less then an hour of reading you will get the basic answers to all your questions about dental implants.

Before you spend lots of time and money, find out from Dr. Penchas:

Are dental implants what you need?
Are you or your loved one candidates?
Where and what type of implants to get?

These and many more answers made simple.
Apr 26, 2016

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Dental Implants Made Simple - Jonathan Penchas



Let’s face it; teeth and dentistry are not at the top of the agenda for most of us. They usually only get our attention when they start hurting. And then zap – they get our attention in a big way.

Then you go to the dentist, who checks your teeth and gives you a long talk in an unknown language – Dentaleze. They flood you with information you don’t understand. What you usually understand is that it’s expensive and painful.

Dentists and physicians like talking in secret code. It’s the translation for the regular folks that was missing before this book.

If you try to do some research to make a decision about dental implants will find books written for dentists, or 300 page books written for consumers. You wouldn’t want to read books this big if you were deciding on open-heart surgery or mortgaging your life, let alone a decision about replacing a tooth.

This book is part of the "dentistry made simple" series. These books allow you to master dentistry basics in a snap.

My goal is to make it simple – give you all the information you need to learn and make a decision about dental implants in less than one hour of reading.

Dental implants: good for your smile, good for your life

Oral health is a hot topic these days. It’s no wonder. The condition of your teeth and gums impacts every aspect of your life. Good oral health encourages improved whole-body wellbeing and reduces the risk of developing serious medical conditions linked with oral disease. People with complete, healthy smiles enjoy certain advantages in the social and professional realms, as well. They often get the promotion, land the big job, and enjoy popularity with the opposite sex.

Let’s face it. A societal bias exists against people with missing teeth. An incomplete smile is often seen as a sign of poor oral hygiene and a lack of pride in your appearance. Although the reasons for tooth loss go far beyond neglect and may sometimes be beyond your control, negative character traits are often associated with missing teeth.

If You Have Missing Teeth, You’re Missing Out on Life

An incomplete smile diminishes quality of life. People with missing teeth or a denture that slips or clicks report feeling socially isolated. Part of this isolation is self-imposed, as these individuals choose to withdraw from friends and family rather than let others see the condition of their smile. Appearance suffers as jawbone tissue shrinks in response to a lack of stimulation by natural teeth. People with large numbers of missing teeth often look as if the area between the nose and chin is caving in. And, actually, that is what’s occurring. Cheeks sink in, too, without the support that teeth provide. Eating becomes painful, and speech clarity suffers.

A Permanent Solution!

Dental implants restore incomplete smiles to transform the lives of people with missing teeth. They replace permanent teeth lost to disease, trauma, or neglect. The structure of an implant mirrors a natural tooth to provide all of the benefits of a complete smile. Implants improve the way a smile looks, feels, and functions. They help people regain

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