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Selling Security Systems Like a Pro

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Selling Security Systems Like a Pro

Până la Lou Sepulveda

Lungime: 182 pagini2 ore


Lou Sepulveda C.P.P. is a 36 year sales and sales management veteran in the security alarm business. Lou sold security systems belly-to-belly to literally thousands of happy customers.

In this book Lou shares his vast security sales knowledge to assist new and experienced security salespeople achieve record sales performance.

Learn how prospect for sales leads, deliver a polished presentation guaranteed to sell, and close more sales.

Lou exposes the top objections security salespeople face and more importantly, exactly how to answer the objections sales pros face in a professional non-threatening way.

Learn twelve closes that will insure you close more sales.

Lou has trained security professionals in every state in the United States as well as in thirty countries around the world.
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