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Battle Hymn of the Purist

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Battle Hymn of the Purist

Până la Alfred D. Byrd

Lungime: 44 pagini40 minute


English is drowning in a sea of bobbles, but some of us are willing to take up arms on the noble tongue's behalf. Bloated sentences, pointless paragraphs, grammatical solecisms of the worst sort -- these are our enemies in our struggle for concision, clarity, and content. If a thing that's worth saying is worth saying well, why do so many say things badly, yet think that they're saying them well? Maybe, you -- the proud, the few, the purists -- can convince them of the error of their ways. At least, you can be right while you're losing the fight. If you're up to it, this book describes the grammatical battlefield and equips you with weapons to keep you fighting on it. As the hordes of mediocracy assail you with windiness, irrelevancy, and pomposity, you can smite them with words that glitter like diamonds against their dullness. Even if those hordes overwhelm you, what you learn hear may help you utter deathless -- and, more importantly, grammatically correct -- last words that will tell a forgetful world, "English was a thing of beauty."

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