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How to Build a Bird Feeder

How to Build a Bird Feeder

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How to Build a Bird Feeder

55 pages
39 minutes
Jun 11, 2016


Making a bird feeder does not have to be hard or complicated. This book contains many plans for some of the most fun, simplest bird feeders that are perfect for anyone. They are loads of fun, super easy and family friendly and make a great parent-child project.

* 6 One-step, cheap and easy projects

* Construction projects

* Build a log bird feeder

* Build a suet bird feeder

* Build a squirrel-proof bird feeder

* Build a classic bird feeder

* Bird feeders for quick, on the fly creation, or long-lasting that will last for years.

What to fill your bird feeder that will keep the birds coming back again and again!

As many of these are suitable for children we've included a child safety section.

Suet recipe that you can make yourself that the birds will love!

Jun 11, 2016

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How to Build a Bird Feeder - Stanley Miller



With over 10,000 species of birds in the world, it’s little surprise so many people love bird watching. But, as much fun as it might be to spend time outside, it can also be nice to be able to take part from the comfort of your own backyard. All you have to do is sit and wait for the birds to come to you.

Of course, waiting for birds to just fly across your path can sometimes be a little boring. One of the best ways to bring the birds to you is to supply them with a bird feeder. By providing a steady supply of food, you will be able to see birds year round while never leaving your favorite chair.

It is possible to buy bird feeders online, but truly, why do that when it’s possible to easily build your own. With some basic tools and a few hours you will be able to enjoy a brand new bird feeder and great bird watching all year round.

Bird Feeders can be made in all shapes and sizes out of all sorts of materials ranging from things you probably have sitting around the house, to expensive woods and metals. This book will give instructions for just a few of many bird feeders you can make yourself.

One-Step, Cheap and Easy Projects

Unlike other chapters, this section will cover projects that can be completed in either one step or take little to no preparation. As these projects can be completed quickly and simply, they will be listed as a group below with their unique pros and cons.

Project 1

Materials needed:

-  Breadcrumbs

Estimated time needed:

-  Under 5 minutes

Step 1 – Take breadcrumbs and take them to area where you wish to bird watch.

Step 2 – Scatter breadcrumbs around ground

Step 3 –

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