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How To Sell The Way Your Customer Buys

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How To Sell The Way Your Customer Buys

Până la Des Hunt

Lungime: 139 pagini53 minute


In How to Sell the Way Your Customer Buys, Des Hunt, the Australian-based international trainer, speaker and author, shows you how to do just that in clear and simple language and with a touch of Aussie humour.

Des talks about:

* Why people buy the things they buy
* The Hidden Persuaders and how to use them
* Hot to quickly pick the buying style of your customer
* How to assess your own style using a quick questionnaire
* How to see yourself as your customer sees you
* The seven principles and laws of selling
* How to sell like a doctor rather than a salesperson
* The art of using the right questions to sell and close
* How to adapt and sell to each style of customer
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