Conductor: A Myth of Mind Control

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Conductor: A Myth of Mind Control

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The Earth is ruled by a secret mind control hierarchy that suppresses the psychic abilities in all of us and identifies and trains young conduits with natural special mental abilities to anomalously serve the Conductor.

For thousands of years, governments, secret societies, religions, and power brokers, have kept mind control a secret in order to consolidate power to a limited few. There are forces that employ fear, corruption, propaganda, media control and distraction, and a top-down power structure to keep all of humankind in check; and sometimes this non-physical guidance is confused as being a God’s omnipotent voice and invisible presence.

The mind control hierarchy is a undisclosed physics-based range of mental power; only a few individuals can attain upward mental mobility and knowledge within the control consciousness, and only if they are allowed to do so. The higher one goes, the more attention is paid to your advancement by those above, and the less that your freewill is actually yours, until, by a rare generational occurrence, you’re able to topple the Master Conductor at the peak of the pyramid.

A rare and strong generational find, Monica Gifford can draw money to her bank accounts and is soon ruling Wall Street from behind the scenes. By virtue of being discovered at such an early age when she could be molded and trained coherently, Monica is able to endure her long unfair Gurument imprisonment. She finally escapes with bold and obsessive determination to find the person in charge and reap her special mental vengeance.

Meanwhile, Monica’s former colleagues, the retired Gurument operatives, Clutch and Weber, come out of retirement to assist the Gurument in capturing an invading transdimensional half clown half sheep therianthrope that is terrorizing our comfy dimension by murdering house pets from Colorado to California.

Things are coming to a head.

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