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Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Hero Minecraft Steve

Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Hero Minecraft Steve

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Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Hero Minecraft Steve

4.5/5 (2 evaluări)
63 pages
42 minutes
Aug 12, 2016


Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3): The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Hero Minecraft Steve (Minecraft Books)

It's been months since Steve's team faced off with the wizard Niflyn the Terrible, and no one's seen hide no hair of him since. In that time, the team have taken the opportunity to relax at their fortress base and hone their skills.

Steve finds that peace shattered when their friend Sabrina writes to them, telling them that the strange magical creature that Niflyn had created is living in her basement, and is changing rather alarmingly. A trip back to Wellspring to investigate, and a chance meeting with Marigold the witch, reveals that Niflyn isn't gone for good, and is threatening everything that Steve holds dear.

It's a race against time to save the people that Niflyn wants to turn into his own magical army, and along the way there will be vicious battles, new revelations, and Steve and some of his friends from his mysterious past will be reunited.

Will the team be able to save the world from Niflyn's evil schemes in time?

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Aug 12, 2016

Despre autor

Hi! My name is Sara Wilson. I am 17 years old and love Minecraft. I think Minecraft is the best game ever created and have spent many hours building incredible new worlds with my friends and siblings while playing this game. I am very creative and love writing, so I decided to write books for other people like me that love Minecraft. My father encouraged me to do so and he also helps me with the writing when I need it. I hope you like them! :)

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Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3) - Sara Wilson

Diary of a Minecraft Steve (Book 3)

The Amazing Minecraft World Told by a Hero Minecraft Steve

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Saturday – Day 1

Sunday – Day 2

Monday – Day 3

Tuesday – Day 4

Wednesday – Day 5

Thursday – Day 6

Friday – Day 7

Saturday – Day 8

Sunday – Day 9

Monday – Day 10

Tuesday – Day 11

Wednesday – Day 12

Thursday – Day 13

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Copyright 2016 by Sara Wilson– All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, scanning, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This unofficial Minecraft novel is an original work of Grand Book Store which is not sanctioned nor approved by the makers of Minecraft. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this book. All characters, names, places, and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

Saturday – Day 1

Today started out as just a normal day around the fortress. I’d woken up to some bangs and crashes coming from Saunders's wing, but that wasn’t anything unusual for him. I sat up and stretched, wondering what he was working on this time. He was known for trying out new and unusual potion combinations, which exploded in his face more often than not.

There was the Magic Shrinking Solution, which shrunk items down to such tiny sizes that they were microscopic and so couldn’t be found anymore. We still couldn’t lay our hands on my old sword or Sara’s collection of ‘Zombies Through the Ages’ textbooks. There was also the Mob-Be-Gone solution, which was meant to make mobs docile and pleasant, but in fact just made them angrier. Also, let’s not forget the Exploding Potion of Doom which... well. You can imagine what that did.

I got up and wandered to Saunders’ rooms, curious in spite of myself. Most of his inventions may eat holes in the floor, but sometimes he came up with something interesting.

I pushed open the door and was instantly engulfed in a cloud of black smoke. Coughing, I waved it away and saw Saunders at his work bench, covered in soot and staring at a glass bottle that had just exploded.

Huh. I thought I had it that time, he muttered to himself. He looked round and saw me in the doorway. Hi! Sorry, did I wake you?

Yeah, but it was time to get up anyway. I peered at the blackened, lumpy solution now gently steaming on the workbench. What were you making this time?

I was trying to work out what was in that potion Marigold was using. Saunders poked at the mess with a stick.

You were what? A few months ago, the witch Marigold had sneaked into the fortress after making herself invisible, and had tried to pour a particularly noxious potion over Sara while she was sleeping. Luckily we’d caught her in time, but not before the solution had burned an actual hole through the floorboards.

Why did you do that? I asked. "That stuff’s too dangerous to be messing with. Remember I asked you to bury

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