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Harming Yourself with Cosmetics Abuse: Getting to know more about the dangers of chemical-based cosmetics

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Harming Yourself with Cosmetics Abuse: Getting to know more about the dangers of chemical-based cosmetics

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Table of Contents

Sunscreen Lotions and Sun-Tanning Lotions
The Beneficial Powers of the Sun
Making Your Own Beauty Products
Kohl and Natural Eyeliner
Tooth Whitener plus Longtime Natural Lip Stain
Skin Bleacher
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How many of us have got so used to relaxing at home, with full makeup on? Or if not full makeup, with at least lipstick on?

I met a friend of mine, after 3 decades, and she was really astonished that I looked as young as I looked when we were at University together. On the other hand, her once beautiful and innocent looking glowing, healthy skin was now raddled, pockmarked, full of blemishes, and she looked 20 years older.

Naturally, I asked her the reason for such a change – was it due to stress, strain, or the general rigors of living in the 21st century? She just shrugged her shoulders and said that after university, she had gone off to the UK, and it was a way of life for everybody there to use lots and lots of cosmetics.

Otherwise, they were considered dowdy, ugly, unsophisticated, backwater hicks, and sheer pressure had made it necessary for her to start using lots of makeup all over her body to keep up with the times, the society, and the Joneses.

And this was the aftereffect of the makeup, long-term. And that is why, when she came back for a visit, she was feeling a culture shock. Here were all these ladies, going out in public, without any vestiges of apparent makeup, except perhaps for lipstick and kohl. And their skins were so healthy looking, glowing, and unblemished.

So, my friends, this book is for all those people who have just woken up, masked their faces with pancake makeup – including a layer of moisturizer, covered with a layer of powder – applied the deep red lead oxide laden lipstick without which they cannot do, and then gone into the kitchen to prepare their breakfasts. They are not going out anywhere, throughout the day. But they need to put on this makeup, because just in case the neighbor drops in for a cup of sugar, what is she going to say, “Oh, my, my, Mrs. A is such a hag, without her layer of powder and paint.”

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