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Vaccines: Checking the Dangerous Trend of Unnecessary Vaccination

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Vaccines: Checking the Dangerous Trend of Unnecessary Vaccination

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Table of Contents

The Gulf War “Syndrome”
The History of Vaccination
Booster Dose
Ingredients Used in Your Vaccines
Monosodium Glutamate – MSG –
Mycoplasma and Foreign DNA
Author Bio


I was just watching a movie, where a social worker arrived at the doorstep of a single father, to see whether he was fit to bring up a baby child on his own, and asked about the vaccines given to the little one.

And this is what the father said –
Polio, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, measles, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, chickenpox, influenza, Haemophilus influenza type E, rubella, rotavirus, and pneumococcal conjugate virus.

All these vaccines against these diseases had been vaccinated in the little baby, which was around 6 months old. The country was Australia, and the state was New South Wales.

I shuddered. The social worker was very impressed, and naturally, he gave the father a certificate of “fit to bring up a child.” Unfortunately, he did not tell the parent that that child would not live long, because it had already been poisoned with a large number of toxic poisons, under the name of forceful vaccination, which is being forced upon parents, all over the globe, under the rule of, it has to be done. These vaccines must be taken.

Or it is possible that your child may be vaccinated without your knowledge or consent, because the doctors have been advised by the health authorities of that particular country or region, to vaccinate a child, willy-nilly, without permission or consent of its guardians.

Vaccination in many parts of the US and in also other parts of the World is mandatory today. That means, in a democratic country, you are being forced to subject your children and yourself to become parts of medical research statistics, all under the name of it has to be done. And because we are so used to believing the ones in authority, that we immediately say yes sir, and extend our arms to receive the possibly fatal or otherwise guaranteed harmful dose of vaccine, all unknowing like and in good faith.

This book is a hard-hitting eye-opener, telling you all about the dangers of vaccination, and how a limited number of people and possibly governments/administrations/including the WHO are influencing countries all over the World to get their children vaccinated, or even get themselves vaccinated against possible epidemics and diseases.

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