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I Heart Pop Asia

I Heart Pop Asia

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I Heart Pop Asia

131 pages
1 hour
Sep 22, 2016


It isn’t all love songs in K-pop.
Isac is an Australian living in Korea with the goal of being a popular idol.
Cassidy is a talented animator attracting all kinds of attention.
When they meet, sparks fly. The good kind.
But they know what’s between them is just a fling, not a relationship to last the distance between Australia and Korea. He flies back to work and she continues her life in the sunburnt country.
Then hope arrives; Cassidy is contracted to make animated music videos for a big label. In Seoul.
Can they make it work or will romance be second to their ambitions?

Sep 22, 2016

Despre autor

April Klasen lives in rural N.S.W and some would say the local library is her second home. If she isn’t obsessing over a story (one she’s working on or one she is reading) April can be found watching anime in her pyjamas and eating strawberry ice-cream. For more stories by April visit www.aprilklasenauthor.com

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I Heart Pop Asia - April Klasen

I Heart Pop Asia

April Klasen

Independently Published


Copyright © 2016 by April Klasen

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

First Printing: 2016

ISBN 978-0-9944659-4-8

April Klasen



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April Klasen is an independently published author, a blogger, and an expert on finding new hiding places to read uninterrupted. For more stories by April visit www.aprilklasenauthor.com

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For this book I have to thank the amazing editor Belinda!

Of course, I must thank my parents and apologise to my mother as she wasn’t the first person in the world to read this book. Sorry.

And thank you to the readers who take the chance on an unknown indie author. Love you all.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed I Heart Pop Asia.

Please leave an honest review over at Goodreads.

If you would like to see more head to aprilklasenauthor.com

Thank you,


Chapter One: The Studio

Isac had been infected. He could feel it as his cheeks bunched under his eyes and his laugh joined Cassidy’s uncontrolled giggle. All he could focus on was the amazing, attractive woman in front of him with her sweet smile. Her hair was long and slipped over her shoulders, the tips dangling over her ample breasts. That was fun to watch. But it was her laidback personality that made him, a complete stranger, feel that same ease in a spontaneous laugh. Their eyes held each other’s. Isac shivered unexpectedly.


Both of them shut up and the studio was suddenly silent. His eyes snapped to the partitioning window to see his producer scowling.

You’re on! she hissed into his earphones.

Shit. No music + no DJ talk = dead air and pissed producer.

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Isac leaned over and directed his voice into the microphone. Welcome to the K-pop kave show with your host, me, Isac. And for this week’s show, I’m not recording it in Seoul, Korea ... I’m home for the week and am lucky to be in our HQ studio in Australia. He put a singsong note to the final word. Yes K-pop lovers, I am hanging out in Sydney for another five days and stocking up on Vegemite and hugs from my mother.

Cassidy made a mistake. Aww, she said into the microphone.

Isac cringed. And today, he improvised, I’m not alone in the studio. I met ... an interesting ... person this afternoon.

Interesting? Cassidy tilted her head to the side and cocked an eyebrow. Is that what you’re calling me?

His face felt to be on fire and he had to look away. Yes. Cassidy123, the YouTube animator sensation, aspiring filmmaker and artist, grabbing our attention with her amazing videos featuring some of our favourite K-pop songs, is here with me, live in the studio.

Hi there.

Taking a breath, he looked back at her. Hey Cassidy123. See, you are fine. She isn’t affecting you.

Stop calling me that.

Why? It’s your name.

Cassidy laughed and shook her head. My YouTube username, yes. Not my Christian name.

He liked how pretty her smile was, a lot. Why the 123?

She shrugged.

You need to answer. This is radio, people can’t see you shrug your shoulders.

Fine. You will think I’m really silly for this and not take me seriously ever again.

He looked at her wearily. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Don’t worry, no swearing or inappropriate oversharing in this. It’s a count in that I use when creating a video. ‘We start recording in 1, 2, 3’, she added in a hand gesture, pointing her finger right at Isac.

I thought it was one hundred and twenty-three.

Why would it be that?

I don’t know. It’s how I thought you said your name.

But that’s your interpretation. I just want to know what one hundred and twenty-three means to you? Did you think that’s how many cats I have?

Isac laughed.

Or the amount of times I have changed my identity?

Are you on the run?

Her eyes shifted from side to side, very suspicious-like, before she whispered, Don’t tell my mum where I am. She’s chasing me.

Did you forget to feed the one hundred and twenty-three cats? For Isac, everything was narrowing down in his attention; complete focus was on this woman with big eyes and sexy curves, and he forgot where they were and what they were meant to be doing.

Maybe ... nah, I moved out so she could adopt more. Her expression changed, eyes losing the crinkle around the edges for a second and the corners of her lips dropping down. She gave an awkward cough.

Isac wanted to reach across the table ... wait, mixing table. He leaned back in his chair and looked around. They were still in the studio and the conversation they were having was live on digital radio. Glancing at his producer, she threw her hands up in what are you doing?

We’ll be right back after this song. Without his usual preamble of the artist and his association to them, or taking the time to introduce it, he turned the song on, switched off the microphones and removed his earphones.

She followed suit, her hair getting caught in the overhead band and being lifted into the air. She looked like a confused fairy with static electricity issues. Isac felt the punch low and unexpected in his gut.

What was that? She is very attractive in a natural laidback sort of way, so hell yes, I have the hots for her. No, love at first sight is ridiculous. Lust maybe.

Sorry. Her cheeks were flushed.

What for? He checked the time remaining on the track.

I know I was meant to follow the script. Let you introduce me and then speak. And now you’re a little scrambled.

I’m not an egg so I’m not scrambled.

Cassidy snorted.

He shrugged in return.

We’re on radio, Mr Isac. You can’t shrug.

He laughed. Of course I can, I’m the host and I get to decide what the audience hears and doesn’t.

Actually, the voice of his producer right beside him made him leap in the chair and turn to glare at her. I choose what they hear and don’t and right now I want you two to behave. Tone down the flirting, answer some questions and above all else, Isac, she fixed him with a withering stare, don’t get distracted and neglect your job. With practised care, she left the room silently, the door opening and closing without a whisper.

Cassidy looked at Isac with wide eyes and her lips agape.

Isac sighed. She’s right. We’re putting on a messed-up show.

Is that my fault?

His every instinct was to deny it, say whatever he had to, to make her smile again, to relax and laugh and act like before. However, he knew the truth; she was distracting him. A little of both our faults. But I’m the professional so I need to focus.

She nodded and followed him in putting the earphones back on and moving closer to the microphone.

Isac tapped his finger on the table beside the laptop in a countdown. Three, two, one, live. "Hey K-pop lovers, welcome back. That song was requested by Belinda from Melbourne and she has also sent in a question via our social media link, and she asks me ‘what do you miss most about Australia?’ Well, I miss my family, they mean everything to me. The

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