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Warpworld: Final Storm: Warpworld, #4

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Warpworld: Final Storm: Warpworld, #4

Lungime: 637 pagini9 ore


No one knows where it came from.

For a thousand years, Seg’s people hid behind stone and shield from the mysterious entity known as the Storm. Civilizations fell, cities crumbled, and the last desperate inhabitants of a once-flourishing planet became merciless tyrants in the name of survival.

One man knows how it ends.

Trapped on a dead world, the only chance of escape a warp gate in the heart of an enemy base, Seg must fight his way back to his home world. But he carries a fatal secret: a new kind of Storm is coming and nothing will survive its fury. Against impossible odds, he struggles to save the citizens of Julewa Keep before the coming apocalypse.

One woman holds the key to survival.

Returned from certain death inside the Storm, Ama reunites with Seg as they face planet-wide extinction. Her strange and evolving new powers can save lives or take them, but the countdown has begun. She must master her powers before the final Storm destroys everything she has fought for and devours everyone she loves. 

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