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How To Make Your Sales Sizzle in 17 Days

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How To Make Your Sales Sizzle in 17 Days

Până la Elmer Wheeler

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If you want to improve your present selling ability.....If you need a “brushing up job,” after the past few non-selling years.....Or if you are in another business and feel you want to enter selling.....

Then this is the course for you! Read on!

If you abhor “long courses” that take months and months.....If the idea of learning how to sell in 17 weeks if you prefer, or 17 days, if you are up to it, appeals to you.....If you have a sales manual that needs modernizing with “Tested Selling Sentences,” or if you want to build one from scratch.....

Then read on!

This is YOUR QUICKIE COURSE, by America’s foremost authority on selling and manual building.

Elmer Wheeler is not just a “teacher,” but a doer, a man with a list of clients that reads like a Who’s Who of American business.

You can practice a chapter a day—or a chapter a week—and learn this amazing new Sizzle Way of selling and manual building that has been used by 247 sales corporations for 19 successful years!

Read on!

Time is valuable. Few salesmen have much time these days to study. Beginners are busy, too, perhaps on other jobs; yet they want to enter the field of selling.

What is their solution?

It is this—a short course in selling that is concise, to the point, minus frills and “kindergarten” stuff.

Yet a course that embodies everything a salesman needs to know before he makes a call—or before the beginner applies for his first selling job.

It is for the salesman with little time, yet a desire to improve himself in 17 ways in 17 days. It is for the beginner who wants to get his first job and hold it. It’s for any person, or firm, large or small, who wants to build an up-to-date Sales Manual—and test it out!

It’s for everybody or anybody who wants to sit at the feet of the Master Salesman, Elmer Wheeler, for 17 days and learn the highlight skills of salesmanship in 17 ways.
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