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Research Methodology

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Research methods are such phenomena that every researcher wishes to learn. It has been observed that researchers find it difficult to conduct an in-depth analysis in their areas of specialization without a sound knowledge of the scientific process of conducting research. Researchers may consult many books and articles but their inherent inquisitiveness will remain unfulfilled if they lack patience in devoting time to understand research methods. They must remember that little knowledge is dangerous and devote time and energy to understand the essence of research before executing any type of research. This book provides an opportunity to understand the crux of research methodology in a scientific and systematic manner.
Planning is the essential step for any work to be done systematically. Without comprehensive planning for the research work no specific out come would be generated planning helps researcher to make his work possibly flawless. For better and scientific planning of the work, the chief objectives of the research must be kept in view constantly. In the chapters, the author mainly described the details regarding the techniques for the study, the construction of the tool, the sample used in the study and the techniques of analysis of data.

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