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Warpworld: Wasteland Renegades: Warpworld, #2

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Warpworld: Wasteland Renegades: Warpworld, #2

Lungime: 684 pagini10 ore


With a handful of warriors and a few loyal misfits, Seg Eraranat launches a desperate bid to save his dying planet. But the world's rulers have their own plans and he is forced to choose between the people he has sworn to save and the woman he loves, Ama Kalder. She is an Outer, and cannot abide his world's cruel customs. Her rebellion pits her against a powerful enemy who will enslave her at any cost.

Torn apart by enemies and allies, targeted by a ruthless leader, and thrust onto the bleeding edge of a planet on the brink of all-out war, Eraranat and Kalder risk everything in one final battle for the world and the future of its people.

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