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The Pastoral Calling

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A Call to Shepherd God’s Flock - You may think that the pastor is an insignificant ministry. But it is one of the best preparations for the rest of the Fivefold Ministry. If you are called to a higher ministry you may start at this level, because it is a vital ministry in the Body of Christ. This is a call from God to meet the needs of His people and set them into place in the local church. It is a call to care for people and take the time to be there for them. The pastor is a leader who will counsel and correct, but be there in love. If God has called you to this, you will have a great task ahead of you, but it will be one of the most rewarding things to do, as you see God’s people flourish and rise up into all that He has for them. - Are you ready to set the church in place and help God’s people to rise up?

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