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Medical Marijuana: Curing Chronic Pain, Illness and Stress

Medical Marijuana: Curing Chronic Pain, Illness and Stress

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Medical Marijuana: Curing Chronic Pain, Illness and Stress

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Feb 13, 2017


Do you suffer from chronic pain, illness or stress? Medical marijuana may be the answer. 

With plenty of history backing up this miracle cure, you can gain incredible relief from pain by using marijuana instead of popping pills. There's a better way and you can find out about it in this book entitled, "Medical Marijuana: Curing Chronic Pain, Illness and Stress".

Table of Contents

Medical Marijuana is the Answer
Chronic Pain
Comparing the Side Effects
Top Marijuana Strains for Treating Pain
Treating Illness
Strains for Different Illness
Treating Stress
History of Treating Stress with Marijuana
Strain and Dosage

Feb 13, 2017

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Medical Marijuana - Leroy Hightower



With more than 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain and doctors/pharmaceutical companies raking in more than $600 billion a year due to chronic pain, you, like many others, are probably looking for an alternative. It's no secret that doctors love to prescribe pain meds because they know how addictive they can be and, of course, they get a cut of the revenue, in one way or another.

If you've ever wondered why it has taken so long for many of the states in the United States to allow medical marijuana to be prescribed, it’s simple: MONEY. Pharmaceutical companies make piles of cash by getting you addicted to pain killers that don't actually solve the problem. Instead, they just mask the problem and you end up going back for more and more.

With medical marijuana, you may be able to save plenty of cash as you may not need nearly as much and it's often cheaper than the injections or pills doctors love to give you for pain. This, of course, doesn't fit into the agenda of big pharma looking to hook you on

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