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Self Muscle Testing: Two Reasons and 33 Beneficial Side-effects

Self Muscle Testing: Two Reasons and 33 Beneficial Side-effects

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Self Muscle Testing: Two Reasons and 33 Beneficial Side-effects

158 pages
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Feb 4, 2017


8,550 words, short booklet; plus, additional front and back matter

Originally in the 1970s, holistic health and healing was strongly tied into the new "do it yourself" ethic. In healthcare, many--not all--patients evolved from being primarily passive recipients to learning and doing much more for themselves. If you are someone who can't go backwards, can't stay where you are, and must go forwards now, here is a way to go forward into greater self-awareness, mindfulness and self-healing.

In the 1970s, a significant fraction of holistic health consumers became self-responsive, active participants in their own self-healing. Many of these became holistic practitioners. Dowsing, which became muscle testing, which became self-muscle-testing was strikingly prominent.

Q: If self-testing is so wonderful, why is it so obscure?

A: Before he died John-Roger, suggested the average person (mainstream) would catch up and be ready to consider muscle testing [as a path of self-connection] in about 100 years, approximately 2115.

Prior to 2115, persons practicing, employing and enjoying the benefits of SMT can expect to feel like, throw-forwards, ahead of their own time. If you are up for this, fine. If not your adventure--also fine. Consequently this booklet now may speak to relatively few persons.
Author Bruce Dickson's most advanced work is in Holistic Brain Balance. He's been supporting clients professionally since 2001.

Feb 4, 2017

Despre autor

My PhD work was done in Holistic Brain Balance. Service to myself and others is why I get out of bed each morning. I've served clients professionally since 2001. I'm MSIA, PTS, Waldorf, USM, and NVC trained. I follow the Law of Spiderman and Law of Gentleness for Healers.For 20 years I worked with K-5 children and special needs kids, teens and adults, teaching ans as a child psychology resource. In 2008 I initiated, and with Camille Leon, co-founded the third Holistic Chamber of Commerce in the world, in West Los Angeles. Congrats to Camille for growing this network into the biggest one yet created.44 self-published books in several series: http://www.Amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46- Book series: Group Process as an Art-form (3)- Book series: Best Practices in Energy Medicine all others- Book series: New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance (7)- Team Human, a theme for Waldorf K-12's second 100 years (5)ONLINE - Author Central Page http://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46https://HolisticBrainBalance.wordpress.comhttp://blog.GoetheanScience.netGift initial sessions available by phone-Zoom if you have not worked with me professionally before.

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Self Muscle Testing - Bruce Dickson


Self Muscle Testing:

Two Reasons and 33 Beneficial Side-effects


Bruce Dickson, MSS, MA

Tools That Heal Press

Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series Book 30


The thing we are looking for,

is the thing we are looking with.

~ Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science

The future is already here;

it’s just not very well distributed yet

~ William Gibson, author, Neuromancer

To Learn More:


Bruce also recommends http://MSIA.org

Self Muscle Testing: Two Reasons and 33 Beneficial Side-effects; A Direct Exercise of Healthy Inner Cooperation


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Table of Contents

Cover Page

Title page


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Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series


2115 is John-roger’s estimate when SMT will be appropriate to share in a mainstream way

Two reasons Muscle Testing

will eventually be used

by Second Order (ego survival) Science

1) The effectiveness of medical-healing interventions can be previewed prior to use or application

A note on measuring scales

2) The health of individual persons, organs and internal systems can be assessed in real time, cheaply and easily

Related benefits

Why was SMT so little regarded in the 1900s?

Chapter 1

Self-muscle-testing goes by many names

Guessing <=> self-testing <=> direct clairvoyant perception

Arm-length testing, easiest modern method of self-testing

Chapter 2

Self Muscle testing as a new language

Limitations of individual-subjective language

The Game of Connectivity and Wholeness

Chapter 3

We live between free choice and conditioned habits

Chapter 4

33 beneficial side-effects of SMT

First Order (subjective, health, Inner Game) Science

1) SMT antidotes feeling stuck and helpless

2) Reduces excess reactivity, slows down impulsiveness and Arrogance if used with ‘God is my Partner’

3) Antidotes baseless Guessing and speculation

4) Practice increases self-confidence

5) Increases connection-communication with your immune system

6) Increases self-sensitivity.

7) Increases self-connection.

8) Increases self-trust

9) Encourages our two lower selves to work together

10) Validates I am NOT alone, ever, eases loneliness

11) SMT is practice assigning meaning to your own experience

12) Helps me mature-up, become independent and self-sufficient

13) Making better choices in one area will spread laterally to new areas

14) SMT leads to whole-brainedness

15) Encourages keeping an open mind

16) Facilitates personal growth and all inner child work

17) Gets me outside my limiting mental boxes

18) Chips away at my over-identification with isolated Island Man

19) Encourages me to listen to my still, small voice within

20) Betters my healthy boundaries

21) Betters my psychic self-protection

Chapter 5

Benefits to other people, clients, & wider world

Second Order (3D survival) Science

22) Muscle testing encourages asking MORE questions

23) Encourages asking more USEFUL questions

24) Muscle testing encourages asking more PRECISE questions

25) Discourages asking illegal fortune teller questions

Chapter 6

Benefits to my own Higher Guidance

Third Order (highest good for all concerned) Science

26) Demonstrates my connection with the Bigger ME

27) Encourages asking for second opinions from the Bigger You

28) SMT supports global transformation―one person at a time

Chapter 7

Benefits to individual Reasoning

29) Exercises assigning meaning to your own experience

30) Better problem-solving strategies-tactics generalize to new life areas

31) SMT converges our two most potent intelligences

Rational logic-seeking and deductive intelligence

Rational pattern-seeking, probability- assessing intelligence (Intuition)

Deductive~inductive vs. whole-to-part~ part to whole

32) Balancing our Thinking~Feeling intelligences

33) Encourages chunking down larger problem into bite-size pieces

Chapter 8

Discussion topics

What is a healthy choice?

Why NOT simply ask yes and no questions?


Rodin’s Thinker

Does Island man apply equally to men and women?

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