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Honor Bound

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Honor Bound

Până la John Ratti

Lungime: 501 pagini7 ore


Honor Bound is a provocative new novel that sweeps across the genres of contemporary mainstream, military and political thriller fiction. Mixing fact with fiction while making an astonishing prediction about our furure, Honor Bound ranges from the Mideast to the American heartland and inside the White House, casting light on subjects and places vital to but little understood by most Americans. With security and energy issues increasing forefront in American consciousness, Honor Bound focuses on what many believe to be the country's most important foreign bond - our discreetly intimate relationship with political life-partner Saudi Arabia. If you want to know the bold truths about our security, the politics of energy, the price of patriotism and the danger in America's entangling political alliances, you need to read Honor Bound and experience the story of Captain Kasey Lawrence. 

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