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Crackers, Dips, and Other Snacks: Make Your Own Homemade Snacks and Other Savory Bites: Salty Snacks & Comfort Foods

Crackers, Dips, and Other Snacks: Make Your Own Homemade Snacks and Other Savory Bites: Salty Snacks & Comfort Foods

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Crackers, Dips, and Other Snacks: Make Your Own Homemade Snacks and Other Savory Bites: Salty Snacks & Comfort Foods

34 pages
25 minutes
Mar 6, 2017


Could you imagine a world without snacks? Without those delicious crackers, chips, dipping sauces of all kinds, cookies, smoothies, fruit pies, you name it. I definitely could not. But what a cruel world is this in which we live since most of the previously enumerated heavenly gifts can affect our body shape (weight in particular) and overall health (if consumed in excess and for too long).

So what can we do to solve this dilemma? Should we stop eating them altogether?

Absolutely not. Instead, we need to find the right ingredients to help us prepare healthy snacks, but without changing too much the final taste of the ones we are accustomed to.

And trust me; with such an easy access like the one we have today to a wide variety of ingredients, we can prepare such recipes with very small effort.

And do you know what the best part is? That, by having some of these snacks in your house, you will also convince your children or other junk food-lovers in your family to change their habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle as well. Thus, you will have a double win: you will be able to enjoy again the sweet taste of your favorite childhood snacks, without affecting your health condition.

But let us see in more details how this book is going to help you:

  • You will receive clear step-by-step indications on how to prepare each recipe
  • You will have access to a multitude of snack recipes (with a special category for every taste
  • You will find recipes that use regular ingredients (no exotic ingredients that, in most cases, are impossible to find)
  • For a better understanding, the recipes will be divided according to the final taste (sweet/ salty/ savory/ veggie/ frozen/ etc.)
  • You will find snacks with less than 200 calories for your diet cravings.

What more could you want?

Download this book and become the snack master in an instant.

Mar 6, 2017

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Crackers, Dips, and Other Snacks - Nicole Moran



Whether you realize it or not and whether you like to admit it or not, snacks are an important part of your daily diet. Even during the most restrictive diets, we are advised to find an appropriate snack and an acceptable hour to consume it in order to keep resisting. And even if the diet plan does not mention any snacking time, no one can deny that most of our thoughts keep taking us to the land of the mouth-watering sweet/ sour (or both) snacks.

And since this is the ugly truth of any diet (or, more precisely, of any constantly hungry person like I am) I came up with the idea of this book: Why wouldn’t I make a collection of some of the most popular snacks? But not just that; the idea was not to simply add all the recipes that I like and prepare them as they are. The whole point of this book was to present traditional or simply famous snacks, but a bit modernized and with the necessary modifications.

What do I mean by that? Well, how many times haven’t you caught yourself craving certain sweet or crunchy snack, but you immediately thought about its high sugar/ high carb/ high-fat content that would come against your health condition or medical needs? Snacks are essential in many diets that are now popular and, even more than that, every professional nutritionist and dietician recommend a regular diet with five meals per day and two of them should consist of easy snacks. And because a fruit, a plain yogurt, or some vegetables will not always satisfy our cravings (personally, I know this feeling very well), I included various recipes that have less than 200 calories.

I think that everyone has a favorite snack, either for its taste or for the memories that it can bring to us. Simply by feeling the taste and the unique aroma, our mind immediately recreates certain meaningful scenarios of the past. Of course, today we have the advantage that we can find a great part of the old, traditional recipes on the market, commercialized under different forms.


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