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A Callahan Wedding

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Dylan Callahan was that kind of guy.  His sister needed a favor.  Her best friend was in trouble with the IRS and needed Dylan’s excellent accounting skills. He gladly agreed to help his sister’s bestie, Britania Collyer. Even though he was in his busy season, he could still find time to take on a new client. 

Once he set his Irish eyes on the green-eyed beauty, Dylan knew it going to be trouble.  Not to mention her tax records were in a hot mess.  He was going to need all the Irish luck in the world to help her. 

Being around Brit makes Dylan forget about the pain of being the last single Callahan.  The more he’s around Brit, the more he wants to be around Brit.  Dylan feels a contentment he hadn’t felt in years. Nothing is impossible when they’re together.  Even when a dead body is found in his office, they work together to solve the mystery.  Unfortunately, the solution involves them both.  Will the solution end the fragile relationship between two workaholics?

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