Mother of Mars: Mars Ascendant, #2

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Mother of Mars: Mars Ascendant, #2

Până la D.M. Pruden

Lungime: 307 pagini3 ore


All life in the solar system is about to be wiped out…

Dr. Melanie Destin thought she'd started a new life on Mars. While searching for answers to her mysterious past, she becomes embroiled in political intrigue and is falsely accused of assassinating the Martian High Chancellor…

On the run, with a price on her head and the authorities in close pursuit, Mel must evade capture long enough to accomplish the one task that can save her life; destroy the source of the deadly Ares nano-virus…

Little does she realize the pathogen is not what it seems, and her meddling will make her the catalyst for the destruction of all life in the solar system.

Mother of Mars is the second book in the Mars Ascendant Series, a set of science fiction thriller novels that tell the story of humanity's colonization of the solar system.  If you like strong female characters, complex villains, intrigue and a page turning story that is hard to put down, you'll love this book.

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