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The Apostolic Entrepreneur

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The Apostolic Entrepreneur - You are not unspiritual; it could be that you are called to business. - The apostolic calling can include a call to business. Like an entrepreneur, the apostle is someone who can start new things and do things that no one else has done. The apostle can be an entrepreneur to the world and do many great things for God. This is a whole new level that God is taking His apostles to and it will change the way that the church operates.

There is a training you will go through to become a business apostle. The training will be different but just as in the ministry there will be a price to pay. This is not a natural gift that you have for business. It is a God-given anointing for business.

Has God called you to this area of ministry?

Then in this teaching you will the find the answers you have been looking for. Now you can rise up and take this world for Christ through business.

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