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Normal ToeNails: How to Beat Ugly Toenail Fungus Forever

Normal ToeNails: How to Beat Ugly Toenail Fungus Forever

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Normal ToeNails: How to Beat Ugly Toenail Fungus Forever

4/5 (1 evaluare)
62 pages
21 minutes
Apr 29, 2017


Toenail fungus is definitely is a health issue but much more than that, it is a social problem for the person that has it. Toenail fungus keeps you from wearing open toe sandals, it keeps you from joining your family and friends at the beach and it even becomes a self-conscious issue in a personal relationship. The author of Normal Toenails experienced toenail fungus for ten years until he finally hit upon a solution that solved his problem.

Normal Toenails details the long-term solution the author found to finally get rid of his ugly toenail fungus problem. But much more than that, the book also addresses a short-term solution to make your toenails look better very quickly, though that is only a cosmetic solution. Normal Toenails also addresses rarely discussed issues such as:

- A step by step long-term process to truly get rid of toenail fungus.
- A step by step process to make your nails look almost normal within 30 days.
- How to avoid infecting loved ones
- How to protect the toenails that are not infected
- The connection between Athlete's Foot and ToeNail Fungus
- How to properly clip your toenails to speed up recovery
- A low priced, easy to find antioxidant to help your immune system as well as hair, nails & skin
- A new low-priced technology you can use at home which requires no creams, pills or medicines of any sort.

This is the only book you will ever need to finally get rid of toenail fungus. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be rid of this ugly, socially unacceptable problem!

Apr 29, 2017

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Normal ToeNails - Henry Fields

Normal ToeNails

How to beat ugly toenail fungus forever

Henry Fields

Table of Contents

What this Book will Do for You

About Me

Protect Your Loved Ones from Contamination

How to Use Bathroom Foaming Cleaner

Protect Your Healthy Toes and Fingers from Cross-Contamination

The Cosmetic Way

How to use Kerasal

The Slow but Sure Way

Nutrition and Toenail Fungus

Astaxanthin and Your Immune System

Getting Rid of Athlete's Foot

How to Use the Pumice Stone

How to Clip Your Toenails

How to Sand Down Toenails

How to Use Terbinafine Cream

Shoes, Socks and Sandals

Blue Light Therapy

Purchase List

What this Book will Do for You

This e-book is designed to help you get rid of toenail fungus. If all instructions are followed you should be able to get rid of the fungus within 12 months. This is a very slow process which is affected by the slothful toenail growth rate of 0.12 inches per month. There’s also the fact that the fungus is underneath the nail, on the nail bed.

Along with getting rid of the toenail fungus you will also get rid of athlete’s foot, which is usually caused by the same fungus that causes toenail fungus. Getting rid of athlete’s foot is a relatively fast process which should only take three to four weeks. It is absolutely essential that you get rid of athlete’s foot before you can get rid of the toenail fungus.

This e-book also attempts to teach how contagious toenail fungus is and what measures you should take to avoid infecting family and loved ones. These same measures will also keep you from becoming re-infected after you become fungus free.

The e-book also covers a cosmetic solution for toenail fungus, which can make your nails look almost healthy, within 3 to 4 weeks. This is a temporary solution

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