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Magic Animal Rescue 1: Maggie and the Flying Horse

Magic Animal Rescue 1: Maggie and the Flying Horse

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Magic Animal Rescue 1: Maggie and the Flying Horse

3/5 (1 evaluare)
61 pages
25 minutes
May 30, 2017


From beloved author E. D. Baker comes a brand-new, illustrated chapter book series featuring a spirited heroine and the magical animals and creatures she encounters!

Eight-year-old Maggie has a keen eye for noticing things in the Enchanted Forest that no one else does -- like unicorns, griffins, and tiny flying horses with wings. One day while Maggie is herding sheep with her pesky stepbrother, she stumbles upon an injured flying horse. The only way to help the horse is to take it to a kindly stableman named Bob, who cares for many different magical animals! But in order to do so, Maggie must set out on her own and journey through the Enchanted Forest, which is full of dangerous trolls and goblins who get in her way. Will Maggie reach Bob in time to save her new friend?

This new, black-and-white illustrated series is perfect for fans of Princess Ponies, Magic Horses, and Critter Club.

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May 30, 2017

Despre autor

E. D. Baker is the author of the Tales of the Frog Princess series, The Wide-Awake Princess series, The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker series, and many other delightful books for young readers, including A Question of Magic, Fairy Wings,and Fairy Lies. Her first book, The Frog Princess, was the inspiration for Disney's hit movie The Princess and the Frog. She lives with her family and their many animals in Churchville, Maryland. www.talesofedbaker.com Facebook/EDBakerAuthor

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Magic Animal Rescue 1 - E. D. Baker

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Magic Animal Rescue:

Maggie and the Wish Fish

This book is dedicated to everyone

who loves magic and magical

creatures as much as I do.

And to my fans who enjoyed

Bob the Stableman in the

Greater Greensward Gazette.

And to Kim, who made Bob

so much fun.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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About the Author

Chapter 1

Maggie held her breath as she watched a silver unicorn pause at the edge of the stream. He was hard to see among the leaves of the trees. A lot of people wouldn’t have noticed him at all, but Maggie was special. She often saw things that most people missed in the Enchanted Forest.

Oh! Maggie cried when the unicorn turned to look at her. She froze, not wanting to scare him off.

The unicorn curled his lips to taste the cool air. Maggie stepped backward as he began to cross the stream and walk toward her. Because she wasn’t paying attention to what was behind her, she tripped and landed sitting down.

When hot breath tickled the top of Maggie’s head, she looked up. The unicorn was standing directly over her. She was too afraid to move as he knelt down and placed his head in her lap. Seeing prickers in his mane, she forgot to be afraid. Maggie gently pulled them out one by one. The unicorn seemed grateful and turned his head so she could reach all the prickers. When she was finished, he closed

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  • (3/5)
    Living in the Enchanted Forest, the eponymous Maggie is always seeing magical creatures of various kinds. Unfortunately, her new stepmother Zelia and her step-brother Peter cannot also see them, and believe that Maggie is lying about them. When Maggie injures a tiny winged horse, she therefore doesn't turn to her family for help, instead setting off to find Bob the Stableman, a caretaker of fantastic animals once mentioned by her grandmother...Having read and enjoyed a few of E.D. Baker's middle-grade fantasy novels a few years back, I was curious to see what she would do with this simple, beginning chapter-book series about a girl who rescues magical creatures. This seems to be a popular idea right now, to judge from Paula Harrison's The Secret Rescuers series, written for a similar age group, and Adams Gidwitz's Unicorn Rescue Society books, which are aimed at slightly older readers. However that may be, I picked up Maggie and the Flying Horse with some anticipation, given my familiarity with the author. Unfortunately, I found it rather pedestrian, and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I had hoped to. I don't read as many beginning chapter-books as I feel that I should, for work - something I hope to remedy, over the coming months - so at first I wondered whether the story simply wasn't complex enough to engage me. As a prolific picture-book reader however, one who often enjoys books with a very spare text, I suspect that this is simply not the case. I think the real problem here is twofold: first, Baker relies too heavily on stock characters like the wicked stepmother and the kindly stable hand, leading to a story where the cast all feel like types, rather than people, and are curiously unsympathetic. Second, Maggie encounters so many fantastic creatures over the course of the story, many of them only briefly described, that these meetings simply don't feel magical. There's no sense of enchantment here, no sense that something wondrous is occurring.Despite this lukewarm reaction on my part, I do intend to continue with the Magic Animal Rescue series, as I have all four volumes checked out right now, and because (as mentioned) I want to increase my familiarity with books intended for this audience. Perhaps they improve, as one proceeds.