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Beautify - 50+ Beauty Tips and Beauty Secrets

Beautify - 50+ Beauty Tips and Beauty Secrets

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Beautify - 50+ Beauty Tips and Beauty Secrets

114 pages
1 hour
May 30, 2017


This eBook contains more than 50 articles on beauty and health.

Table of Contents

Intro: Do It Yourself Beauty Tips
Hair Care: Eliminating Oily Hair
Hair Care: Hiding Your Body Hair with Darkness
Hair Care: Characteristics of Hair
Hair Care: Dandruff Cures That Work
Hair Care: Getting Your Hair Straight
Hair Care: Three Natural Products That Will Help You Improve Your Hair
Hair Care: Is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment for You?
Hair Care: Looking For the Best Shampoo?
Hair Care: The Fastest Way to Get Long Hair
Makeup: Quick Tips to Improve Your Make Up
Makeup: Get Your Dream Lashes
Makeup: Using Mineral Eye Shadow
Makeup: Watch Out For Discoloured Lips!
Makeup: Tips for Using Spray Foundation
Makeup: 30 Second Make Overs
Nails: What Are the Best Nail Strengtheners
Nails: Are UV Nails the New Thing?
Nails: The Advantages of Press On Nails
Skincare: Repairing Dry Heels
Skincare: Is There a Best Oily Skin Cleanser?
Skincare: Tanning Safely
Skincare: Chapped Lip Prevention
Skincare: What Makes Your Lips Crack?
Skincare: How to Get Healthy Hands
Skincare: How to Use Sculptra
Body & Mind: Change Your Thoughts, Change Yourself
Body & Mind: Going to the Bar Without the Guilt
Body & Mind: Pain – Nature’s Way of Alerting You
Body & Mind: How to Enjoy the Beauty Shop
Body & Mind: Why Am I So Tired?
Health & Wellness: Easy and Practical Tips to Improve Your Health and Beauty
Health & Wellness: Boost Your Red Cell Supply
Health & Wellness: Do They Have a Cold?
Health & Wellness: How Asthma Causes Yeast Infections
Health & Wellness: What Are Parabens for Anyway?
Health & Wellness: Benefits of Pomegranate Extract
Health & Wellness: Caring for Your Beauty Care Products
Health & Wellness: Approved by the FDA?
Health & Wellness: Easing that Scratchy Throat
Health & Wellness: Exercises for the Jaw Line
Health & Wellness: Getting Rid of That Double Chin
Health & Wellness: Cosmetic Marketing – Fact and Fiction
Health & Wellness: Restoring HGH Naturally
Health & Wellness: Why Should You Get a Partial Knee Replacement
Health & Wellness: Hot Water Bottles Are Making A Comeback
Health & Wellness: Nix the Itchy Throat
Health & Wellness: Treating Toenail Fungus
Health & Wellness: Why a Humidifier Is Good
Male Beauty & Health: The Prostate – The Overlooked Gland
Male Beauty & Health : Yes, Real Men Wear Make Up
Male Beauty & Health: Good Hair Days for Men
Male Beauty & Health: Deodorant Made for A Man
Male Beauty & Health: What to Expect When Starting P90X

May 30, 2017

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Beautify - 50+ Beauty Tips and Beauty Secrets - Marnie Peterson


Intro: Do It Yourself Beauty Tips

One of the most popular topics on the internet and in magazines is beauty tips for women.  More times than not, they deal with skin care. The key to beautiful skin is creating the best regimen you can to take care of it.  After all, it is imperative to take care of your skin as it is your largest vital organ.

Keeping your skin moist is the number one thing you should do.  You should consume at least sixty-four ounces of water every day.  If you go out in the sun, some kind of sun screen is a necessity. 

If you wear makeup, your skin is inhibited from breathing when you are wearing it.  It should be removed every night to give your skin a chance to breathe freely.  It should be scoured off with some sort of makeup remover, then wash your face with water. Take advantage of any time you have where you can go without makeup.  A whole day is preferable, but a half day will work, too.  Giving your face a chance to rest like this will help it keep its youthful appearance.

The second thing you should do is take care of your hair.  It should never be washed with water any hotter than lukewarm.  Shampoo and conditioner should be rubbed in gently.  Your conditioner and shampoo should be suited for your hair type, too.  Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with it.  Even shampooing occasionally with a different brand can make your hair unmanageable. The different ingredients in the other brand may not be appropriate for your hair and can cause problems. 

As with your hair, your skin should never be bathed with hot water.  Use lip balm before retiring for the night so they won’t dry out while you are sleeping.

Following these tips will help you maintain your skin.  There may be some other steps that work for you that can be added, too. 

Click here for the Table of Contents

Hair Care: Eliminating Oily Hair

Oily hair is a common problem.  Contrary to popular belief, it is generally not the by-product of an oily scalp.  Believe it or not, it is usually due to a dry scalp. A dry scalp’s oil gland creates even more oil trying to compensate for the dry skin.  This oil then transfers onto your hair, causing this problem.  Here are a few suggestions which can help you get rid of that oily hair sooner rather than later.

Your first priority is to buy a shampoo that is made for your hair type.  There are many shampoos made for dry scalps and oily hair in the marketplace.  Shampooing often dries out your hair by removing its natural oils, which stimulates your oil glands to go into overdrive.  Shampooing once every two days is the best solution if you can get away with it.  This will eventually lead to oily hair. If you must shampoo every day, do everything you can to keep the shampoo on the hair and off of your scalp.

When it comes to conditioner, more is not necessarily better.  If you use a hair conditioner, try using a mild one or or else go with the premise that less is more.  Hair styling products can create oily build-ups so it should be used as sparingly as possible, too.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing to remove any leftover shampoo or conditioner.

Rinse your hair with a water/vinegar mix if you have extreme oily hair.  For every four-five ounces of water in the mix, use one ounce of vinegar.  In case you don’t want to use vinegar, lemon juice can be used instead.

As with most health-related topics, a healthy diet can also help.  You should increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and water.  Also try to stay away from foods high in fat and oil content.

If you have oily hair, using these tips should lead to healthier-looking hair.  It may take longer than you want, but eventually your hair will look and feel better.

Hair Care: Hiding Your Body Hair with Darkness

There are certain times when we just can't get rid of unwanted body hair.  Perhaps you didn't have time to shave your legs properly and the hairs have started to return.  Maybe you've been ill or on medication that will make your skin prone to rashes if you attempt to remove the hairs too soon.  Possibly you have unwanted facial hair that stands out more than you would like it to. 

Whatever the reason, you can easily camouflage the look of body and facial hair, without the necessity of having to remove it right away. 

When it comes to hiding hair, darkness detracts, lightness attracts.  Using darker make up to conceal blemishes or reduce the look of a wide nose is a common practice.  When it comes to facial hair, such as above the lip, using a darker foundation will help hide it, where as a lighter foundation will actually make it stand out more.  Having said that, you still need a foundation that matches your skin tone, but choose the darkest tone you can get away with. 

Wearing dark clothing is also great for distracting the eye away from leg or arm hair.  Darker clothing draws the attention to the clothing and also helps hair blend in.  Lighter clothing, just like with make up, will actually make even light coloured hairs more noticeable.  This is an especially good tip to remember when swimsuit shopping. 

Finally, the old stand by to hide the fact that you have hair on your legs is nylons or pantyhose.  Not only does this hosiery give your legs a smooth and coloured appearance, it covers up the look of hair.  Just as in the above two suggestions, darker is better to help

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