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Pop Bakery: 25 recipes for delicious little cakes on sticks

Pop Bakery: 25 recipes for delicious little cakes on sticks

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Pop Bakery: 25 recipes for delicious little cakes on sticks

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Feb 21, 2014


If you like cake, and you like chocolate, then you'll love cake POPs - the delicious little treats that are a cross between a cake and a lollipop. Discover cake POPs - a combination of moist cake and a sweet candy coating, moulded onto a lollipop stick and then decorated to create a whole host of characters. Clare O'Connell of the Pop Bakery teaches you all you need to know, from how to create the cake balls - a mouth-watering mixture of chocolate cake and icing - to dipping the cake balls in the special candy coating. Then she explains her unique method of painting the POPs using cocoa butter. Choose from 25 scrumptious recipes, from cute panda POPs to a family of Russian dolls. Clare also introduces you to her special layer cakes, which are embellished with classic flower cake POPs. With clear, step-by-step photography and Clare's easy-to-follow instructions, cake POPs are incredibly fun and easy to bake and make. Both children and adults will adore these bitesize delights that are perfect for parties and special occasions. So what are you waiting for? Start cake POPping now!Clare O'Connell has always loved baking, and after undertaking work experience at a combined bakery and chocolate shop, she decided to start selling her own cake POPS. She runs her business, the Pop Bakery, from her family home in West Hampstead, London, and supplies cake POPS to Harvey Nichols and the Sanderson and St Martin's Lane hotels. Clare was also recently commissioned to provide Cake POPS for a Topshop launch party in Bath in southwest England and will be working with Topshop on similar events across the UK. Visit her website at www.popbakery.co.uk
Feb 21, 2014

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Pop Bakery - Clare O'Connell


There are a few items that you need to have on hand in order to make your POP-making experience fun and successful. Most are standard pieces of kitchen equipment, but you may need to visit a specialty cake store or search online for some of the more unusual ingredients. Always keep a good supply of lollipop sticks (see Suppliers, page 62).

POP Equipment

Food processor—this helps to speed up the cake-making process and is useful for mixing the cream cheese frosting. You can, however, do both of these by hand.

Microwave—for melting the candy melts.

Accurate measuring scales— to ensure that each POP is the same weight and size.

Lollipop sticks—the essential piece of equipment to transform a cake ball into a POP! See page 62 for suppliers.

Paintbrush—ideally have a selection of sizes, including several with fine tips for adding delicate details and thicker ones for brushing on edible dusting powder and glitter.

Edible marker pens—these can be used instead of cocoa butter (see below) to add detailing to POPs.

Palette—a plate, porcelain egg cup, or clean paint palette is useful for laying out different colored cocoa butters.

Polystyrene block—this is ideal for standing your POPs in until they set. You can often find polystyrene blocks in protective packaging. Make a few holes in readiness for your dipped POP. A clean tray or colander can also be used.

Cover—lollipop covers (made from cellophane wrap) are available online (see Suppliers, page 62). Keep your POPs covered if drying and storing in the refrigerator, and cover any pops once they’ve been dried and removed from the freezer. This will protect your POP and prevent it from sweating. Covered POPs also look great gift-wrapped with a twist of ribbon.

Silicon molds—are available from cake stores in a huge variety of shapes, such as flowers, butterflies, and lips. Insert fondant mixed with gum tragacanth (see below) and let set before applying to your POP.

Cookie cutters—for cutting perfect circles or the fluted ruff on the clown POPs. You can often find sets of cookie cutters in a range of sizes.

POP Ingredients

Candy melts—are wafers of colored candy that you melt in the microwave to form a liquid paste for dipping. They are available in 14 oz (400 g) packages in a variety of colors and are very simple to use. Melt following the package instructions, dip in your POP,

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