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Computer Maintenance Hacks: 15 Simple Practical Hacks to Optimize, Speed Up and Make Computer Faster

Computer Maintenance Hacks: 15 Simple Practical Hacks to Optimize, Speed Up and Make Computer Faster

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Computer Maintenance Hacks: 15 Simple Practical Hacks to Optimize, Speed Up and Make Computer Faster

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Jul 10, 2017


Unlock The Keys To Optimize, Speed Up And Make Computer Faster

Computers can be both a blessing and a never-ending source of frustration.

With the internet, Skype, email, and other software programs, computers are great for accessing all sorts of information and the world around us; hence, it’s no surprise that these machines have become an integral part of everyday life.

However, constant computer use can cause an infinite number of problems for users. Viruses, malware, and various other problems can cause computer performance to slow down to a halt and could even pose a security risk for the owner.

With all the personal information stored on computers nowadays, a security leak could spell disaster for anyone who might fall victim to a leak or identity theft.

Nevertheless, there is hope. With the proper maintenance and care, a computer can run optimally and protect all of the sensitive data contained on it. Many people think that all of this is difficult, time-consuming, and impossible to maintain, but with a little guidance anyone can make a computer run as good as new.

In “Computer Maintenance Hacks,” discover how to:

- Install the best anti-virus and anti-malware software
- Speed up your computer with trustworthy optimizers
- Boost computer performance with the disk defragmenter
- Analyze the disk surface for any bad sectors to be repaired
- Fix file system errors with disk utility to maintain computer
- Clean the hardware to prevent overheating and other problems
- Turn off hidden running programs that are slowing down computer
- Get rid of those annoying virus alert pop-ups and what to do if trapped
- Limit RAM demand and avoid memory leak and the blue screen of death
- Connect remotely to your main computer from any computer in the world

...and more for you to unlock!

What's the best part? Both PC and Mac are covered for everything.

So if you’ve ever yelled at your screen for taking too long to load or worried about the security on your computer, "Computer Maintenance Hacks" is the answer to help you take control of your computer issues.

Jul 10, 2017

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Computer Maintenance Hacks - Life 'n' Hack

Computer Maintenance Hacks

15 Simple Practical Hacks to Optimize, Speed Up and Make Computer Faster

Life 'n' Hack

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INFO INTRO: System Operation Commence

HACK #1: Protect Computer with Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

HACK #2: Optimize Computer to Speed It Up

HACK #3: Run Disk Utility to Fix Errors

HACK #4: Stay Up-To-Date on Operating System

HACK #5: Override the Fake Virus Infection Pop-up Annoyance

HACK #6: Analyze Disk Surface and Repair Bad Disk Sectors

HACK #7: Clean Up the Browsers for Smoother Surfing

HACK #8: Defragment Disk Drive to Boost Performance

HACK #9: Shut Off Hidden Programs Running in Background

HACK #10: Restart Computer to Avoid Memory Leak

HACK #11: Relaunch Web Browsers to Limit RAM Demand

HACK #12: Dust the Hardware to Prevent Overheating

HACK #13: Store Files in Backup Drives to Free Up Space

HACK #14: Utilize Other Computing Devices to Unburden Computer

HACK #15: Utilize VPN to Remotely Connect to Workstations Anywhere

INFO UNLOCKED: System Optimization Complete


System Operation Commence

As most of you probably know, taking care of your computer is as important as maintaining your car.

Over the lifetime of an owned computer, many of us will get lazy and seldom run the antivirus/optimizer of choice - except when it pops up to remind us that we have it, or when the computer gets slow and we remember we have those tools at our disposal.

But the truth is that one should clean their computer, no matter the operating system,

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