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Tick. . .Talk. . .Tick

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Tick. . .Talk. . .Tick

Până la LB Jubil

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The clock is ticking, people are talking those in politics and government America's problems are escalating nothing is getting done about it, the threat to America grow stronger passing every day and the clock continues to tick.
Social unrest here and abroad, the world in turmoil the threat of a nuclear attack, climate change, war, prices escalating and seemingly nothing is being done at the clock continues to tick and the people's representatives continue to talk presenting shallow promises little or no visible change.
Crumbling infrastructure in America, healthcare in shambles, millions on food stamps and social programs, escalating taxes and no one within the government seems to have the ability to make the changes necessary to stabilize the American economy and put things back on an even keel.
The United States currently a social divide between Democrats and Republicans, justice is blind but. . . Lately it is one-sided as well there are many examples to this just think for a minute you can probably come up with at least a couple off the top of your head without thinking too hard.
This story will depict fictitious events that of course did not actually happen and never could, or could they. . . Read the story and you decide for yourself!
I am free, get me, read me!

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