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August Skies

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August Skies

Până la Jess Stone

Evaluare: 3 din 5 stele3/5 (2 stele)
Lungime: 351 pagini6 ore


August Skies is a full-length, stand-alone novel of over 90,000 words. It’s sweet, yet sizzling. Prepare to feel ignited to your core. Prepare to be swept away. Prepare to fall in love.

- - - - -


I got out of L.A. to find a new life in a place that would offer me a comfortable pace of existence instead of the hustle and bustle, the hurried getting-nowhere-fast frazzled way of life most people find themselves scurrying in within the Los Angeles scene.
Never mind the traffic clogged roadways; packed in cars crawling under the ever-present, thick blanket of brown smog, and the vast sea of men, most of whom never seem to want anything more than to play games. At least not the ones I’ve had the pleasure of dating anyway. Those things are worth changing scenery over all on their own.

I escaped it all and came to a small town where the pace of life promises to be pleasant. It’s a place I can find a new home, meet some new friends and do my work from the comfort of my laptop, in the comfort of a town that readily offers me the way I want to live and experience life: calm, pleasant, and full of people who are much kinder at heart and tend to value people more than things or what they think they can get next.

Then I met Jesse, and whew! Let me just say that, even though I’ve determined to wait for the man who is my one and only, Jesse is just as smokin’ as he is kind and seems to set my heart pounding, my breath fleeing and...well...let’s just say...other sensations.
He might be too hard to resist, though I keep trying.


After havin’ been run through the mill by that crazy ex of mine, I’d sworn off women. Sure, I tried datin’ for a time after we broke up, but none of those women seemed to genuinely be interested in me at all and I’ve had my fill of mind games.

That’s one of the drawbacks to havin’ one of the most successful ranches and bein’ from the most prominent family in the area: I look like more of a score than a livin’, breathin’ man to many of the women who’ve known of my family and me their entire lives.

But there’s somethin’ about Rose. Somethin’ I’ve been fightin’ against admittin’. And just when I fully realize there’s somethin’ genuine between us, somethin’ I have to take ahold of and claim, my crazy ex decides to pull a stunt so wicked and rotten its hard to even get my brain around the fact she even could have done it at all.

But she did.

Now Rose is gone. She’s fled, abandoning everything she’d moved here for. And she’s run from me.
If I don’t find her, I’ll never be the same again, but time is not on our side.

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