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The Reality of Climate Change

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A very big welcome to my book titled "The Reality of Climate Change" and I hope you grab a copy of the book to gauge what is really going on, and how our lives are being affected now. Many of the views and reports today being aired surrounding climate change by the United Nations, Governments and Institutions, can very often seem distant issues and have no bearing, or relevance, to folks real lives.

To most folk 40 to 50 years ago "climate change" was probably not on anyone's radar. However, even back in the 1960's and 1970's there did exist signs of change then and not for the better. Please read on....

since writing the book, I am pleased to see more folk in the media are now starting to feature "Climate Change" and especially welcome Sky Broadcasting launching "Ocean Sea Rescue" exposing the plight to our dying Seas, Rivers and Oceans.

"On the 12th of October 2015 BBC's Newsnight Team Broadcast a News Feature on Air Pollution which confirms my findings in this 'NEW' Book on Climate Change regarding serious Health issues including Respiratory Disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer's etc."

"On Monday the 22nd of November 2015 there was a Special Sky News Report, where HRH Prince Charles accurately stated the planet faces catastrophe and needs to be put on life support now to prevent ever increasing disasters as a result of Climate Change."

At the time of writing this book, there are two specific numbers you need to remember and these are 275 and 400!

What relevance are the above numbers you may rightly ask?

FACT: 275 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide for starting all of life on Earth and in layman terms, many millions of years ago.

FACT: 400 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide today in the Earth's atmosphere and these factual measurements are courtesy of friends and colleagues at NASA (nasa.gov).



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