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Raw Snacks

Raw Snacks

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Raw Snacks

194 pages
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Jun 19, 2014


Spicy nuts, crunchy raw chocolate truffles, dream bars, licorice almonds, grape lollipops, date fudge, candy crunch popsicles, nut shakes, coffee substitutes and energy drinks are just a few of the quick, easy and healthy raw food snacks that Caroline Fibaek, Denmark’s leading raw food exponent, presents in her gorgeous book Raw Snacks. She provides tempting recipes that will inspire you the next time the craving for sugary, chocolate candy and other fat filled sweets comes upon you. Here are tips to quit comfort eating and bad and unhealthy habits once and for all. You’ll get practical advice on how to fight the craving for sweets, and how you can easily replace the unhealthy, sweet and fatty with healthy, delicious and especially nutritious alternatives. Let health, balance and happiness be your new addiction - because you can really get addicted to feeling good!
Jun 19, 2014

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Raw Snacks - Caroline Fibaek

Break the habit and indulge yourself in good health

Far too many of us have become dependent on sweets, snacks and sweet foods. In this book I want to help you to quit comfort eating and bad and unhealthy habits for ever.

In my clinic I often meet clients, who – although they know perfectly well what they ought to eat and enjoy living a healthy life – again and again ‘fall off the wagon’. It is particularly sweets, cakes, pastries, coffee and fizzy drinks which tempt them beyond their own will power. They have become bad habits which are almost impossible to give up.

Health – and slimming diets rarely allow for the emotional and physiological dependencies we have on our food. Too often they are about ‘avoiding’ and ‘limiting’ the food we eat. I know myself that if someone tells me not to eat certain things I immediately start craving precisely those foods.

Many years of experience as a practicing naturopath have also taught me that unhealthy and bad habits are often rooted in unconscious, self-destructive patterns. It is those habits that make us ‘fall off the wagon’ again and again despite promising ourselves that now it is finally the end of sweets and junk food.

If you want to change your unhealthy and bad habits it is therefore vital that you make it clear to yourself what you are up against. How food in reality affects our bodies and brains and the unconscious patterns that again and again make us throw ourselves at sweets and unhealthy food.

Because only then will you begin to make better choices for yourself. Choices, which positively affect your well being and your energy level and choices which will make you happier and well balanced.

Break the habit and indulge yourself in good health.

The book is built according to the three steps I myself had to go through in order to break free of my own destructive food patterns. Knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

The knowledge about what sweet things and synthetic foods are really made of, what chemical and dependency forming substances really hide behind the cryptic names on labels and how these substances affect us.

Motivation in the form of exercises and concrete tools for learning how you become aware of your eating habits and find your focus. Only then will you be ready to replace them with new, healthy and better alternatives.

And then of course lots of inspiring new, healthy habits. I have put together 50 of my best recipes for delicious, festive, exquisitely healthy and not least nourishing snacks and desserts.

This book should not be used as an excuse for living on cakes (unfortunately). Instead the desserts should replace the bad food choices you would otherwise have made. Many of the recipes contain the same number of calories as a ‘normal’ dessert.

They are, however, made entirely from natural ingredients that your body will recognise and in fact have a use for. They bring vitamins, minerals, good fats and lots of nourishment to your body.

And you really can become addicted to feeling well. Let good health, balance and happiness become your new dependence!

Caroline Fibæk


My Story

I have often wondered why it is so difficult for us to stop our self-destructive patterns. In my clinic I daily meet people, who are fighting their life style – fighting to feel better and be in good health. Even individuals who have a life-threatening illness and still cannot stop eating too much and the wrong food. Or smokers, who despite a chronic cough, lung problems and the risk of developing lung cancer cannot give up the cigarettes.

I have thought about it deeply – both at a personal level and at a professional level.

I have always considered myself a reasonably well balanced and disciplined human being – and therefore I have never completely been able to understand why you cannot just give up a bad habit. My own father was an alcoholic and I have never understood how a human being can let a substance take over one’s life. That it is able to control everything – even at the cost of one’s own health. Until I realised that I myself had been completely locked into my own bad habits and dependencies so much so that as a 20 year old I was 20 kg overweight. Maybe it does not sound such a big thing – nor was it life threatening. But the symptom was that I felt awful inside. That I was not listening to my own body or my mind. And I did not by any means treat it with the respect that our highly developed, intelligent bodies deserve.

Even when I was happy and partied and danced, I vandalised myself. Parties were about eating and drinking. When I felt low, I ruined myself. Gradually I began to realise how big a part of our life is about putting substances into our mouths – and how we use food as medicine. Both to anaesthetize and to intoxicate ourselves.

Therefore I began to study human beings and how we function – how our most basic instincts guide us and propel us forward

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