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A View from My Fabulous Teaching Desk

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A View from My Fabulous Teaching Desk

Până la win c. kelly

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Kelly is a woman who has faced many challenges in her life, including the many obstacles presented as a result of Cerebral Palsy, but that hasn't stopped her from climbing the professional ladder.  The driving force, for so many years, has been the young children who enter the school with smiles on their faces.  Her roles as educator and then administrator allowed her to teach acceptance of physical disability to those young minds.  But, when presented with a case of severe mental illness in her school, how will she handle her own biases?

Kathleen just wanted a job to pay the bills after her husband walked out on her.  The food wasn't going to put itself on the table.  When she was hired as a classroom teacher in a local preschool, she was beyond excited, but that was before she realized that this job would mean teaching much more than ABCs and 123s.  Can she really put aside the problems in her own life to deal with the challenges faced by the children, teachers, and administrators at Malibu Country Day School?


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