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Breyik the Apprentice: Legends of Tal Deorai

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Breyik the Apprentice: Legends of Tal Deorai

Până la T. A. Senzaki

Lungime: 58 pagini52 minute


Destiny is a Double-Edged Sword

Breyik has made it this far in the Devicing world on the strength of his parents' legacy, but now he has to live up to it.

In the Irongate Kingdom, Devicing is everything, just don't call it magic. Selected apprentices go on to futures of glory, creating new and powerful artifacts for the wealth and future of the isolated, underground lands.

Breyik's parents were the greatest Devicers in history - the King said so, himself. Made apprentice underage by Master Takkri, his parents' own teacher, Apprentice Breyik must earn promotion to Journeyman, the first true step to becoming a Master in his own right.

Now is his moment.

He has studied the Journeyman Projects of the past. He has secretly researched skills beyond what any apprentice ought to know. He has put it all on display for Master Takkri's judgement and left nothing to change.

But there's one thing he forgot to research: The Master, himself.

When Master Takkri flips Breyik's understanding of Devicing on its head, his promotion and his family legacy are at stake. The outcome will shape the future of not just a single apprentice, but all of Tal Deorai.

Lose Yourself, but Not Your Family

Breyik the Apprentice is an epic fantasy novelette. That means rich but tight world-building, a unique magic (no, wait, can't use that word: Devicing) system and characters whose actions and decisions could shatter or shape societies. But it's also relatively short.

If you're like me, you can get lost in a story for hours at a time. You might forget to sleep, eat, or acknowledge the existence of other human beings (or kobi). Well, with Breyik the Apprentice, you can do that safely. It's a short read that will introduce you to Breyik and the Irongate Kingdom of Tal Deorai, but also let you finish by dinner time, or the end of your flight.

And this is just a beginning. The next Breyik novel - a full-length novel that may just put your relationships at risk - is already in progress. If you join the reader's club at the end, you'll be the first to know when it's ready.

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