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Public Restroom Survival Guide: How to Use a Restroom For a Safer Experience!

Public Restroom Survival Guide: How to Use a Restroom For a Safer Experience!

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Public Restroom Survival Guide: How to Use a Restroom For a Safer Experience!

86 pages
56 minutes
Oct 12, 2017


Public Restroom Survival Guild presents basic knowledge of hygiene, infections, casual agents and prevention at your fingertips.

Public Restroom Survival Guide is a non-fiction mystery drama about the greatest explorer of all time, the human hand. Your hands become the hero/heroine of this story while journeying thru the realm of the public restroom zone. You will laugh out loud, become deadly serious, feel it in your face, know it in your gut that this story is real, it's personal!

Public Restroom Survival Guide subject is unique and presents a whole new way of using a public restroom with thought-provoking mindsets that challenges the way we see and use a public restroom.

Everyone has the power to protect themselves with vital information on casual agents, hygiene, and infectious diseases that exist within the public restroom zone. Three days after you've read Public Restroom Survival Guide, ask yourself, “Has this book changed my (restroom) life?”

Oct 12, 2017

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Public Restroom Survival Guide - Bruce Bonnett



The Human Hand

Ulysses, Marco Polo, Charles Gerba, Amelia Earhart, Sally Bloomfield, Indiana Jones, Neil Armstrong, and Mary Guinan all took lessons from the greatest explorer of all time.

The Human Hand!

A microscopic view of our skin would reveal that our clean hands can quickly acquire a cocktail of dirt, dust, food, fats, proteins, spores, viruses, and varieties of bacteria, which all comingle on the top skin layer. Our hands are always touching, manipulating, exploring, working, or playing on many different hard and soft surfaces during our daily activities inside our homes, schools, workplaces, shopping centers, and vehicles.

Under our fingernails, in the depths of palm creases, and in-between our fingers lives this sticky, thriving, microbial biofilm slime that stubbornly resists proper hand-washing techniques and antimicrobial soaps.

This pathogenic microbial, E. coli, population doubles every twenty minutes. Within twenty-four hours, two diarrhea-causing E. coli bacteria can become colonies of millions thriving on healthy clean-looking hands.

Pathogenic colonization continues to multiply until the food supply is depleted, and then this microbial civilization starves and dies unless your fingers are holding French fries or other food.

Hepatitis B only needs ten HPV pathogens to spread the infection.

Different Enterobacteriaceae species need over 100,000 bacteria to make someone sick.

Norovirus can live for weeks in refrigerated foods.

Rotavirus can live for ten days or more.

Norovirus can live seven days or more on countertops in restrooms and kitchens.

Rhinoviruses can live up to eighteen hours on a hard surface like a kitchen countertop.

 A Michigan State University study observed 3,749 people washing hands after using the toilet.

Public restrooms are central transmission hubs that bring all our hands together, encircling our homes, communities, and the world at large. International airports, transcontinental railroads and highways, ocean liners, sporting arenas, school dances, and musical concerts all share large crowds needing clean public restrooms with a lot of toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and clean floors.

The National Center for Biotechnology Infomation (NBCI) reported the study, "Effect of Washing Hands With Soap on Diarrhea Risk in the Community" explores whether handwashing with soap had an impact on the risk of contracting diarrheal diseases in the community:

The common cold virus is transmitted via:

Airborne droplets (aerosols);

Direct contact with infected nasal secretions. handshake, ATM buttons, door handles, etc.; and

Touching contaminated objects (fomites). (3)

Hand-to-hand and hand-to-surface-to-hand contact seem more prevalent than virus transmission via aerosols.

Do you know what others know about how to protect yourself from becoming a host (infected) for the colonization of transient, pathogenic, microbial life forms? These bacteria, viruses, and spores could be hitching rides on you in any number of ways.

Under your fingernails. One long fingernail can puncture four sheets of toilet paper while wiping buttocks. After washing hands with soap for ten seconds, there is a thriving, determined pathogen colonization happening under the protection of your long, beautifully manicured fingernails.

By pushing the elevator floor button with a fingertip, making a call, and then holding the phone against your face, possibly touching your lips.

On the bottoms of your shoes walking from the toilet stall back to the office, classroom, or restaurant.

On the bottoms of grocery bags, from sitting in a dirty shopping cart to automobile floorboards, to kitchen counters, or worse, on kitchen floors.

Your body used as their taxi.

Where does the bottom of your purse sit all night?

The Hermes Matte Crocodile Biking Bag’s daily routine is that it parks, flies, parks, flies, and parks on many different surfaces until returning home. The bottom of purses, briefcases, and backpacks can transport pathogenic microbial life forms into our homes. (4) After the Crocodile Biking Bag flies through the front door of your home, your purse will park on many different communal surfaces before finding a place to rest.

Unfortunately, the bottom of this beautiful handbag is left sitting for six hours on the bathroom countertop, cross-contaminating the same surface where you apply makeup and brush your teeth. This countertop surface now provides the microbial pathogen two different entry points into the human host (you) via your fingertips for cross-infection by touching your mouth and your eyes.

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