Sales and Distribution Management

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Sales and Distribution Management

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Sales and Distribution Management, as a composite function of Marketing, focuses on the development of sound Sales and Distribution Strategy, the management of marketing channels, and sales force management in a business organization. Rapid changes in technology, a higher level of customer orientation, the globalization of business, and increasing competition have made Sales and Distribution Management critical to the success of any business enterprise.
This book is designed to help students learn about sales and distribution management concepts and how to apply them to solve business problems. Sales Management focuses on the activities of first line field sales managers. Modern Sales Management is a complex and disciplined mix of: professional selling and negotiation skills, people and Management skills (including selection, motivation, Communicating and training). The importance of personal selling task and feedback system has been discussed. Companies are facing increasing competition, with threats to many traditional markets and customer bases, as supply and purchase points in many market segments become more concentrated. To tackle the threats and capitalize on opportunities the modern sales manager needs a far broader range of selling and managerial skills and experience than in past decades.
In Distribution Management the channel design is discussed, the different components of distribution like transportation, Inventory, Warehousing has been covered. This book will enable students to understand Supply chain Management which has improved the efficiency in distribution.

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