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Mastering Apple Watch - Apple Watch Series 3 - 4.2

Mastering Apple Watch - Apple Watch Series 3 - 4.2

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Mastering Apple Watch - Apple Watch Series 3 - 4.2

92 pages
1 hour
Jan 9, 2018


Apple watch is renowned for its wide array of features, from the ability to make calls, receive text messages, directions, as well as monitoring your movement among others. But this is not all apple watch has to offer since it packs numerous features that you will find interesting. Another thing you can do with this watch is customize your built in messages to fit your desire. Go to the watch’s app on your iPhone, then select messages and proceed to default replies. You will see all the replies that are currently on your iPhone, and swap any of them that you don’t like to add something new. You can also use this setting if you are thinking about sending the same messages to your friends repeatedly. In case you want to return to the app that you were using last, it is not required to configure the watch settings over again from the start. You can start by simply double pressing on the digital crown to launch the last app you used instantly.

Table of Contents


  1. Apple Pay
  2. How to Set Up Apple Pay
  3. Important Things to Know
  4. Apple Watch and Exercise
  5. Water Resistant Design
  6. Managing Apps on your Apple Watch
  7. Music on your Apple Watch
  8. Changing your App Layout
  9. Apple Watch Band
  10. Apple Watch Size
  11. Apple Watch Series 4
  12. How to Monitor Your Heart Rate
  13. Three Versions of Apple WatchOS
  14. How to Change Your Apple Watch’s Face
  15. Controlling your Apple TV Using Apple Watch
  16. Modifying Settings
  17. Calibrate Your Watch to Get Accurate Stats
  18. Theatre Mode
  19. Simple Guide to Managing Notifications
  20. WatchOS 4.3
  21. Apple Watch Security Settings
  22. Remotely Work your iPhone’s Camera
  23. Changing Default City for Weather
  24. Digital Touch Messages
  25. Fixing a Stuck Digital Crown
  26. How to Use Nightstand Mode
  27. Health and Fitness Apps for your Apple Watch
  28. How to Setup Your Apple Watch on a new iPhone
  29. Apple Watch Photography Apps
  30. Radio Streaming and Using Apple Music on your watchOS 4.1

     31. Siri Watch Face with WatchOS 4 

Jan 9, 2018

Despre autor

Adidas Wilson was born in Chicago, Illinois, surviving a near death experience driving off a bridge in an 18 wheeler and getting hit by a train. Adidas has dedicated his time and effort to educate, motivate, and inspire people around the world to make positive lifestyle changes. Adidas enrolled at the University of Phoenix graduating with a bachelor's in Healthcare Management. Also studying Health care Informatics - Master Degree program at Lipscomb University. Amazon Best Seller's List and mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine. 

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Mastering Apple Watch - Apple Watch Series 3 - 4.2 - Adidas Wilson

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