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The Mental Health Survival Guide

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The Mental Health Survival Guide

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It's a memoir of Brian's severe struggles associated with coping with a multi-mental health diagnosis and is full of documented skills, tools and tips he developed as an action plan to cope and manage. The first memoir in a series written to manage chronic illness of body and brain. 

Brian D. Satterfield's a certified peer and recovery specialist; chronic illness and trauma liberation advocate, educator and speaker. Brian now devotes himself to helping others live a better life. To help others, who've gotten lost, stuck, struggle, deal, cope, find relief with/from their complications. He's been working with severely mentally ill adults since 2009 – adults involved in the criminal justice system since 2012. While writing memoirs, conducting holistic workshops and presenting keynote speeches. Decide 2 Evolve is now booking keynote speaking, wellness workshops, and book reading/signings. At: www.decide2evolve.com/contact. 

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