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Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

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Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

Până la Brian Tracy

Evaluare: 3.5 din 5 stele3.5/5 (9 stele)
Lungime: 244 pagini3 ore


As personal success expert Brian Tracy teaches that every one of us is engineered for success. But until you deal with the dissatisfactions of the present, you’ll be unable move onward and upward to create the wonderful future that is not only possible--it’s what you deserve. In Reinvention, he reveals how, with the right focus, anyone can remake himself or herself and put an end to the chronic stress, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction in career and life. This transformative book helps readers reach this ultimate goal through a series of interactive exercises that show them how to: take control of their careers; turn unexpected shakeups and turbulence into positive occasions for growth; dramatically improve their earning ability; develop the self-confidence to take the kind of risks that lead to rapid advancement; decide on and get the job they really want; set clear goals for their lives; write resumes that get results; determine their own salary range; and more.We live in a time of rapid change but also of unprecedented opportunity. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what is the greatest thing you would dare to dream? Reinvention supplies readers with a proven system to turn their greatest dreams into reality.
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