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French for Beginners

French for Beginners

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French for Beginners

144 pages
1 hour
Apr 21, 2018


Reading short stories is an effective and fun way to learn French!

Improve your reading skills, learn new French vocabulary and expressions, discover interesting French cultural facts, and enjoy yourself whilst reading these 15 engaging original stories in French.

This book is ideal for beginners, new learners, and anyone who wants to brush up on their French skills.

Our short stories are perfect to be read anywhere and anytime, perfect to fit in a busy lifestyle. They can be read in one sitting, allowing you to focus on the story and the new vocabulary without getting discouraged.

In these stories, you will meet an array of engaging and colorful characters navigating real life situations: the purchase of a new dog, a movie night, an anniversary, a birthday surprise, a holiday between friends, or simple everyday family situations.

All stories are written using simple vocabulary that you can use during day-to-day conversations in any French-speaking country.

At the end of each story, a reading comprehension section and a quiz will allow you to go further and expand your knowledge.

After reading all 15 chapters and completing the suggested exercises, you’ll be able to:

●Learn and remember hundreds of French words, phrases and expressions that you then can use in real-life situations.
●Improve your general French reading comprehension skills.
●Get a sense of how French language is used in normal, everyday situations and learn useful vocabulary you will be able to use next time you visit a French-speaking country!
●Familiarize yourself with many grammatical structures without having to memorize any rules
●Learn in a fun way: reading our stories will not feel like you’re studying!
●Experience language learning from an entirely different point of view.

Apr 21, 2018

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French for Beginners - Babel Publishing


Do you remember being read to as a child? Even before you could read, stories were a part of your life. Whether at school or at home, you would listen to adults tell you stories about the wonders of the world, fascinated and enthralled by tales of legends and monsters... and completely unaware that in doing so, you were learning.

Listening to and reading stories is how we first learn to develop our own language. Stories help us learn new words, and with them we learn how these new words can be used and combined to convey ideas, emotions and feelings. This is why reading to kids is so important, and why encouraging reading in children is paramount to the development of language.

As an adult learning a new language, you can quickly gain a better and more organic understanding of this language by reading short stories. Just like when you were a child, by reading, you will soon be able to understand and use new words in a natural manner.

Listening to or reading stories make us feel involved; we are a social species and we naturally empathize with the characters. The human brain is not always able to differentiate between a real event and an imaginary situation. Stories make us feel connected to the characters – we empathize, we laugh with them, we cry with them. Because of this, the stories become engrained in our minds and we remember them more easily.

Our ancestors knew that storytelling was the best way to ensure our history was remembered. Reading a story engages the reader in ways lists of factual information cannot. Reading something we are interested in makes it more memorable, and stories are the way knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation for this reason. It is easier to remember something when you feel involved.

As a child, you never stopped to make sure you understood every word of a story, you took it all in and learned how to develop the language naturally. Our aim with this book is to allow you to do the same, and to help you develop a natural, organic understanding of French through engaging short stories.

Short stories are the ideal vector when first learning a new language. You wouldn’t try running a marathon before learning to walk, in the same way you wouldn’t try to read a novel before you can speak any French.

This does not mean you should limit yourself. There is no need to be fluent in a language to be able to enjoy a story. In fact, some basic knowledge is enough providing you choose the right level.

You do not have to wait for years to be able to read in French. Short stories can be read easily in one sitting, and then you can spend time going through the vocabulary.

Short stories show you how the language is used in everyday, real-life situations. You will learn useful vocabulary, used in a manner real French people would use it. You will avoid the trap of spending years perfecting your grammar, to find out you speak French like an 18th century scholar that nobody speaks like.

Our short stories are designed to be engaging for the reader, with rich vocabulary used in real life. Each chapter consists of a short story, a reading comprehension section, and a quiz section. The objective of these last two sections is to reinforce your own reading experience through simple questions and activities. At the end of the book, you will find a key with answers for the quiz section of every chapter.

You will meet an array of characters navigating real life situations: anniversary, buying a new dog, going on holidays, a beach day, choosing a movie to watch... You will learn words and expressions you will be able to reuse in conversations. The questions become progressively harder, and towards the end of the book, you will be able to understand conversational French and remember a lot more than when you started.


Some basic French vocabulary is enough to understand the general meaning of a text. It should be an effort, but reading should be a pleasurable experience too! With that in mind, here are a few notes before you start reading:

• Scan the entire text a first time, without looking any word up: what do you think the story is about at this stage?

• Do not try to translate every word you do not understand, use the context to understand the meaning of sentences. Accept you might not understand every word in the text!

• Identify the key words and key sentences, and if you do not understand them, check the most important words in the dictionary, and write down their meaning.

• Then, try to read it again. Did you understand the story differently this time?

• Do not get discouraged! Sometimes, you might have to read the same story a few times before you understand what it talks about. It is an excellent activity to learn French, develop your vocabulary and your understanding.

The idea behind this process is that you have an intuitive knowledge of how stories are constructed, and you also probably know more words in French that you think. French is a Latin language, and English has been influenced by many Latin languages, like Spanish, Italian and, of course, French. Through this

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