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Suzanne's Easy to Follow Baking Recipes

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Suzanne's Easy to Follow Baking Recipes

Până la Suzanne Massee

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With easy to follow step by step recipes you can create delightful;
Baked Slices - Cakes - Biscuits - Christmas Cakes - Desserts - and Gluten Free recipes.
Added extra; how to make Dairy Products, did you know Mascarpone is so simple to make and yet so expensive to buy.
I had a cafeteria where I created the most delicious slices, the compliment of these slice recipes was through my father in-law who was the general manager and baker for a very popular bakery in Timaru in the South Island of New Zealand. These slice recipes have been handed down, and I have reduced the ingredient measurements from very large baker’s trays to the household trays.

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