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Master the art of Networking

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Master the art of Networking

Până la Dr Renate Volpe

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Valuable and credible networks are built only when the motivation behind connecting with others is correct. A humble and big-hearted approach is essential. Questions that should be top of mind are, "How can I enable and elevate people? Have they actually benefited from connecting with me?"

Renate's generosity is noteworthy. Her willingness to share her wisdom and experience is exemplary. Her work is an on-going labour of love ... It is no surprise then that she has such a clear grasp of networking.

This booklet is incomparable and essential reading. Your most valuable asset is your network:
That is, "who knows you" and "what they say about you."
Invest now!

Tina Thomson
Global Director: UnitedSucces
August 2011

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