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Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

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Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

139 pages
1 hour
May 24, 2018


This is a life coaching and motivational book about crossing over from insomnia, stress, sleep deprivation and sleep problems into the land of sweet sleep and being able to sleep like a baby. It is based on the premise that sleep is a barometer of emotional health so looking at negative emotions such as anxiety or fear, setbacks, failures, unfulfilled dreams and ambitions can help the reader to find peace with the inner demons that may be keeping them up at night. It is written by a business coach who began with the problem and used every intuition to take back her own life and find inner greatness again. It is great for anyone looking to achieve life balance, make changes in their lives and be empowered to find their destiny. It is a book about making a comeback in every area of life such as health, personal relationships, business, career, romance and fitness. It looks at the principles of vulnerability, synergy and accountability to heal the areas of life out of balance or broken. It contains sleep hacks to improve sleep and motivation to make major life changes. It has short chapters and is written in more of a journal format.

May 24, 2018

Despre autor

Marianne grew up in Chicago. As a young child she was an avid reader. She grew up with a love of books so much she became a teacher. Later going on to become a coach who helps others succeed in life. Her passion is to help people overcome limitations and create themselves powerfully in business and life.

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Insomniac Freak - Marianne Meeder

Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

By Marianne Meeder

Copyright©2018 by Marianne Meeder

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means-electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other except for brief quotation in printed reviews, without permission of the publisher beforehand.

Cover Design by Ivy Jelks


This book is written in loving memory of Loretta and Raymond Meeder, my parents, who gave me the two greatest gifts in the world. Mom, you were my champion. Dad, you taught me to create something from nothing. These two gifts were always in my pocket in the dark season of sleeplessness. They guided me by my bedside every night, encouraging me to never give up.

Table of Contents



Insomniac Freak

Unfinished Business


Dead Again


This is Your Final Wake Up Call

Am I a Failure: No You Are a Human Being

Ruminating Over Our Failures

Top Shape of My Life

Drowning in Two Feet of Water: Exhausted Emotions

Walking Through Life in a Coma

Demons in the Dark

I Dreamed a Tiger Ate Me

The Work of Sleep

The Zombie Apocalypse

Relationships Really Matter

Father Figures


Shutting Off Your Humanity

Chose the Words Spoken Over You

Life Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Defeating the Power of Painful Past Memories

Being in the Moment: True Freedom

The Hero Complex

Getting What You Deserve: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Success Mindset

Passion: Living the Dream


You Are What You Eat

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Inspired Actions


Dealing with the Inner Critic

Love Lives of the Rich and Famous: You

Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Synergy: Having a Champion in Your Corner


Taking the Problems of Today into Tomorrow

Family Crisis

Contracted vs. Expanded

Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear

Light Meets the Dark

So, You Don't Take Rejection Well

Intimacy: The Art of Being Known Naked and Vulnerable

Shame: The Dark Blame Game


Daily Goals

The Sleep Study: The Dreaded Day or End to the Nightmare

Broken Prayers and Broken Dreams: God is Your Sound Man

How to Start the Day Like a Champion: Morning Rituals

Finishing Strong: It's Time for Your Comeback

This is Your Due Season: Your Time to Shine

Sleep Like a Baby





This book was birthed out of a problem and a gift to share with the world. The following are themes to take back your sleep-deprived soul and go on to victory. I believe if you read it in its entirety and take on the motivation for change, you can sleep like a baby and wake like a champion. The book is written in a journal format and can be read in any order.

1)   Connectability- we all need love, encouragement, and extra support at certain times in our lives.

2)   Vulnerability- we all need to admit our need of others and be open to receive help in any way possible.

3)   Accountability- to solve our problems like weight gain, stress in business and life; find strength from others and you will soar to higher success levels.

4)   Synergy- increased energy can be created to reach your goals through mentors and coaches.

5)   Coachability- one who is open goes far in life. Most millionaires have multiple coaches for their business, health and love life.

6)   Adaptability- life requires us to change jobs, loves, strategies, move forward or we will fall behind.

7)   Rechargeability - we all need to learn how to recharge our own batteries to the fullest extent through life balance, fun, love or hobbies.

8)   Availability- being in the right place at the right time to receive the help we need so grace can rush in to meet you.


I am a business coach in the business of coaching about life. At the top of my game, I am entrepreneurial, starting new side businesses all the time and ever creating the next innovative expression of my world.

I have privately coached individuals through job loss, failure, setback, and victory on to new careers. Turning breakdowns into breakthroughs is my game. My heart beats for breakthroughs.

Then one day I had my own breakdown. I couldn't sleep to save my life. It was at this point of losing my own mojo that I set out to use every ounce of my God-given intuition, smarts, and savvy to solve my own problem of how I can sleep like a baby and wake like a champion every day.

I had turned into a hot mess, insomniac freak; a carb comatose, sleep-deprived version of myself, spinning my wheels while stuck in the mud. Surely there is a better solution than sleeping pills. My intuition as a coach told me that stress, nutrition, love life, work balance, relational support, better goal setting, and conquering the demons of fear, rejection, failure and setbacks would all lead to my ultimate comeback.

Approximately 70 million Americans have some kind of sleep issue. We can't all be insomniac freaks. I wanted to solve the problem for everyone who struggles with sleep issues and solve it for myself. It was a double-edged sword I undertook, with the power of a timely word to motivate and empower change in our lives.

There is a solution to every problem we face. Let's dive into it together and come out on the top - the top of our game, our careers, and our love lives – and be champions. Because the galaxy needs someone like you to fulfill your God-given destiny.

Insomniac Freak

Have you seen the horrible cheesy 1968 movie, Night of the Living Dead? The black and white version where the zombies are walking around. That is exactly how I felt after dealing with insomnia for 90 days. An insomniac freak with emphasis on the word FREAK. Most people in life around you, who sleep soundly with ease, don’t get it. What is wrong with you that you didn’t sleep last night? Then they quickly change the subject. Sleep is one of those natural things that is considered a given, like breathing. So when you’re not able to sleep, it feels a little shameful. You know thoughts of another cheesy horror movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

What are you doing that keeps you up at night? Well, you might not be doing anything. You may be one of the million Americans who suffer from insomnia. I am a coach, and I suffered from it badly. So when we try and fix the problem, we focus on the aspect of sleep in isolation, and there is so much more to our lives. Our lives are like a wheel or tire. When one area is out of whack, then the whole wheel goes flat. You can’t drive anywhere in life with a flat tire. It could be that most of the things you are doing during the day, or even not doing, are ultimately keeping you up at night.

This book is dedicated to those who suffer from crazed nights staring at the ceiling and zombie-like days walking around dead. I am not a sleep expert, but what I do know is looking at every area of our lives can create solutions. So, before you pop that next sleeping pill, let's dive into the anatomy of a sleepless life and see what solutions we can find.

At the end of the day, sleep is a barometer of your emotional health. So, if you’re not in the right place you need to be then you’re going to have voices keeping you up at night because you have to work through those issues. Mehmet Oz

Unfinished Business

Maybe in our lives we have unfinished business or something we haven’t completed yet. This creates huge stress on our psyche, pulling us like Gumby, but we are not stretchy bands. You could have a grueling job, or a toxic work environment. For example, if you can see yourself saying this sentence, Working with you is killing me. Then it is time to look elsewhere. Sometimes we just feel stuck like a deer in headlights, with an impending feeling of doom like a truck is about to blow us over, and we are frozen with inaction.

It's time to look deep into your soul and create what you REALLY want in life. Maybe you always wanted to start a business. We were born to thrive and not strive. Your job stress could make your life completely out of balance. Until you complete the unfinished business in your life, your poor body has to bear

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